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Why War Is The Death Of Freedom

Written by | November 12th, 2011

In the below monologue, by Judge Andrew Napolitano, he makes a brilliant case against non-defensive, and unnecessary wars. And, how war equals the growth of Central Governments, and the death of Personal Liberty:

‎”War is the death of freedom because war is the health of Big Government.”
– Judge Andrew Napolitano

And, here is the text to the above (video) monologue.

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4 thoughts on “Why War Is The Death Of Freedom

  1. Lbrty77

    Interesting, but I’m confused what he is trying to say about the whiskey tax. Is he saying that the whiskey tax was unconstitutional?

  2. markross Post author

    Tom, as far as I know, there was nothing unconstitutional about The Whiskey Tax; but, I think the judge was emphasizing the fact that President Washington had people shot and arrested for merely having grievances with the new federal government’s policies. The over-arching point of the entire monologue is how our Federal Government, from the very beginning, has been trampling on our Constitution.

  3. Lbrty77

    From what I read of the Whiskey Tax on Wikipedia (Whiskey tax) it sounds like it went beyond just grievances. There were mobs of individuals at times that resorted to violence against tax collectors. During one occurrence an armed mob surrounded a tax collector’s home. That’s one of the times deadly violence broke out.

  4. markross Post author

    The Whiskey Rebellion, no doubt, did get violent, but, I’m still not sure why the Judge used The Whiskey Rebellion as an example in his monologue. Unless, the broader point is, that our Federal Government has not hesitated, at times, to deploy the military against the states and the people. That is likely the case, as the Judge cited Lincoln and The Civil War as well.


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