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Why The Separation Of Powers Is A Myth

Written by | July 5th, 2015

For years, we, as United States citizens, have been taught that in our Federal Government we have three separate and independent branches of Government, consisting of the [President] Executive Branch, the [Congress] Legislative Branch, and the [Supreme Court] Judicial Branch.

I have little doubt that the men who wrote The United States Constitution, and created this Federal Government, intended for these three branches to be independent, and thus to prevent all Power from being aggregated into the hands of a few. And, to a large extent, they were very successful in that there is, often, a healthy tension between these three branches of Government. To say, however, that these three branches are completely independent, largely, is a myth, imho.

Case and point:

The President appoints individuals to the Supreme Court. And, the Senate then confirms them to the Supreme Court. So, if appointments to the Supreme Court are made by the President, couldn’t one conclude that the Supreme Court Justice, once on the court, will do the bidding of the Person that appointed them, in exchange for the appointment? And, likewise, with the Persons in the Senate who confirmed them?

So, to say that the Supreme Court is an independent branch of the Federal Government, is, at best, a myth; at worse, a joke! The Supreme Court, today, acts as a fail-safe for the other two branches of this once Federal Government, and wholly exists to do the bidding of their White House and Senate masters.

And, furthermore, one of these two cartels – I mean Parties – gets to put “their man” in The White House, every 4 to 8 years – which further dispels this MYTH about the Separation of Powers, as their man is, merely, an extension of his Party masters.

While I have nothing but the sincerest admiration for the men who Founded The United States, and who authored The United States Constitution, it has become abundantly clear that this once respected institution has morphed into something that would barely be recognizable to most of the men who created it.

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