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Why Not Dissolve The Entire Federal Government?

Written by | April 14th, 2013

Among the many great words, written and spoken by Thomas Jefferson, during his time here on The Earth, and the miraculous things that he accomplished, in helping to bring The United States into existence, the below [Jefferson] words have really resonated with me lately:

“I am increasingly persuaded that the earth belongs exclusively to the living and that one generation has no more right to bind another to it’s laws and judgments than one independent nation has the right to command another.”

Anyone who truly understands Jefferson’s philosophy on governance, would, likely, not need to have the above words explained to them, as Jefferson was a strong advocate of Individual Liberties, and the sovereignty of the individual, to choose the course of their own life, with minimal interference from the State. And, to that extent, it truly makes sense that each generation, or few generations, in theory at least, should not be bound to repugnant laws etc. anymore then they should be bound to the debt of previous generations.

Among my several thoughts on the subject, I thought it would be a very interesting experiment if we were to reset to our original Constitution, with all civil liberties of today, in tact, with a provision that completely dissolves the entire Federal Government every 24 years or so, with every law passed, being sun-setted, so that they need to be re-evaluated, and re-voted on every so many years. That would allow us to have a continual Constitution in effect, but also allow each generation to be free from oppressive laws that may have been erected by previous generations, and start with a clean slate. That would offer each generation the continuity of a continued Government, under one Constitution, but at the same time, it would enable each generation to flush out the politicians who have been in Washington D.C. for a few terms, and give each generation an opportunity to debate the virtues and failures of existing laws.

This model, in my humble opinion, would also be a great way to prevent our Federal Government from growing far beyond it’s core needs – which, in return, would maximize the Liberties inherent to the people of these respective states.

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5 thoughts on “Why Not Dissolve The Entire Federal Government?

  1. Thomas Fleres

    It’s an interesting idea. A provision can also be added that in order for an existing law to be extended and stay in place it must be funded by current revenue only. No borrowing; unless for the direct defense of the nation.

  2. Mark Ross Post author

    Thank you Thomas!

    I love the current revenue idea!

    I love the idea of stripping The Federal Government of it’s power to borrow, as well. I wouldn’t even give them the power to borrow, for (so-called) Defense; why incentivize them to start wars “in the name of defending us”?

  3. Thomas Fleres

    We certainly have that problem of this power being abused. I’m just afraid of a situation where we legitimately need to go to war in order to defend our country. If it’s a long expensive war we would need the money either by borrowing it or printing it.

  4. Mark Ross Post author

    I don’t agree Thomas. A wise and frugal Government should have money in the Treasury, for such a scenario. And, if, God-forbid, our country were attacked, such as with 911, The American people would, in my opinion, help raise the revenue, if necessary. Also, if we went back to the original Constitution, there wouldn’t be any paper money.

  5. Mark Ross Post author

    “If it’s a long expensive war…” Another good point to consider! Incentivize the Government to end a military excursion quickly, as they once did. There is no need for long wars. Longs wars = Politically-motivated wars.


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