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Why Collective Rights Are Wrong

Written by | June 8th, 2016

In today’s world, people are taught to believe that we have collective rights. In other words, your rights depend on what gender, color, race, religion or other group you belong to or identify with. But, that is a complete inversion of the very principles that this country was Founded on.

Collective rights tend to treat people like sheep, that can be herded around by those who call the shots, or write the Laws, as these rights are always hinging on the whims and wishes of some other party. They can be dehumanizing, as well, in many ways, Ayn Rand Quote as so-called collective rights are not concerned with you as an unique human being with your own unique wants, needs and cares.

People who advocate for so-called collective rights, egregiously, often see force – whether explicit or by Law – as a means to make others bend to their will. And, more times then not, that is destructive to the recipient’s own individual liberties, which only serves to cause more animosity and friction amongst our citizenry, and further perpetuates the vicious cycle of retaliation.

And, furthermore, just because some irate group can get some Politicians to write something into Law, that does not make it right, just or moral.

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