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Who Needs Price Transparency?

Written by | February 15th, 2014

Imagine, if you will, if our Federal Government, in all their “brilliance,” created something called “The Managed Grocery Act.” And, in accordance with this law, every citizen would have a predetermined amount of their money automatically deducted from their pay checks. In return, every citizen would be issued a grocery card, and depending on the plan they have chosen, would be told which food products they could acquire.

Beyond that, every grocery store owner in the country, by law, would be required to remove all prices from the shelves, and the products offered would be highly regulated by the Government. Every consumer would be instructed as to which products, and the amount, they could acquire, but, by no means, could they be made aware of the individual cost of these items.

Does the above idea seem crazy? Would the default response by “most” Americans be: “That could never happen here”? And, if it did happen, why would it be a problem? After all, wouldn’t the “illusion” be that we are, still, shopping in a free-market economy? It would be private companies that are creating, and selling the products. And, as consumers, we are, still, “choosing” which items that we would like.

If anyone believes that the above idea is absurd, and it couldn’t happen here – it already has happened here, only in our so-called “private” healthcare system, that we have been living with for many, many years. Once the consumer is no longer aware of each dollar that they are spending, and exactly on what they are spending it, then, choice, and price containment, for all intents and purposes, has been thrown right out the window.

And, in regards to freedom and choice, it is in this region of ignorance that the “deception” begins.

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