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What Is The National Cost?

Written by | June 30th, 2012

For many years, particularly in the area of healthcare, we have heard politicians, commentators, and citizens, talk about the national cost. But, what is the national cost?

Our country was founded as a Federalist system, in which the states maintained their sovereignty, and the domestic concerns of our citizenry were addressed within our respective states. In our Federal Constitution, the framers gave The United States Congress specific and defined, Enumerated Powers, to which they could legislate. These Enumerated Powers were, and should be, the only areas to which there is a so-called national cost, and to which the tax-payers of all 50 states should be contributing to. Anything outside of those Enumerated Powers is unconstitutional, and outside of the limited scope of The Federal Government that was established by our Founders; and the contract upon which the sovereign states, ratified, contingent to forming this Federal union.

We once had a vibrant free-market in this country, which created an unprecedented amount of wealth, and prosperity. This blessing also enabled Americans to be extremely charitable to their fellow citizens, who were the most in need. Then, came The New Deal policies of The FDR Administration, plus the so-called Great Society policies of The LBJ Administration, which greatly changed this dynamic, as our Federal Government created huge Federal programs, and began an unprecedented amount of intervention into our private economy. And, even if we were to put aside the constitutional argument, and give these programs the benefit of the doubt, by saying that they were purely benevolent, and well-intended, the hard reality is that, Social Security, and Medicare, along with a plethora of other Government programs, have well-exceeded their original projections, and are pushing our Government, and country, right over a fiscal cliff!

In recent years, we have rarely seen challenges to these BIG GOVERNMENT monstrosities, particularly because, they are now so embedded in American culture, and seniors of all political ideologies, are now actively participating in these programs. Thankfully, over the last few years, our country, largely, seems to be waking up to the fact that, these programs, from their inception, were destined to fail, and are economic train-wrecks. And, now, many of our citizens are rightly asking, “how have we let this happen”? And, “how will it affect the lives of our children, and grandchildren, who are being forced to subsidize these monstrosities, and this national debt”?

Over the years, we have allowed our Government to convince us that we are an altruistic country, and thus, have allowed Government to take the place of private charity; and with our tax dollars, provide for the poor, as well as building foreign nations, and feeding their citizens.

This brings us to the present: and with the sky-rocketing costs of healthcare, as a result of this Government intervention, they are now trying to force us to purchase their new BIG GOVERNMENT healthcare program, to help fund the very mess that they created in the first place!

All of this goes back to the very principle of Individual Liberties. Nothing outside of those few, Enumerated Powers, given to Congress, should have a so-called national cost! All things not given to our Federal Government, should be, via The Tenth Amendment, left to the states, and to us, as individual citizens. And, these very things that we have allowed our Government to convince us of, all in the name of altruism, are now being realized for what they truly are: Socialism and Fascism! And, the very Individual Liberties that our Founders, so rigorously fought for, are now being stamped out, all in the name of Collectivism. Unless this trend is  quickly reversed,  we will be right back to a system of Government that our Founders fought to free us from. And, the very principle of Individual Liberties, will sadly, be a thing of our once great past! Therefore, the real “national cost” is not really about healthcare, but, rather, the loss of our Liberties!

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One thought on “What Is The National Cost?

  1. Mark Ross Post author

    “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” – William Pitt (Speech in the House of Lords, November 18, 1783)


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