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What If There Were No United States?

Written by | April 11th, 2009

As an United States citizen who loves this country, and the great sacrifices made to create and preserve our country over the last 200 and some odd years, I am also introspective enough to realize that The United States is also not a perfect country. We have certainly made our share of mistakes, and so has every other country in this world.

I do believe that history shows that The United States is a country that is able to face its mistakes, or injustices, and strives (even to our own detriment) to constantly improve any such instances that we are faced with, or made aware of.

After some recent events in our country, and after years of hearing how bad our country is from people inside and outside of our country; even from politicians who have taken an oath to preserve, protect, and defend our constitution, I can not help but wonder what the world would have been like had The United States never existed.

Allow me to share some of my insights:

1. The United States, with its tremendous amount of land, and huge population, needs a great deal of products to sustain the population of this country; therefore, The United States (via imports) is likely counted on tremendously by other country’s economies.

2. Throughout our history, The United States has been a very charitable nation; to name a few examples… The United States has given millions and millions of dollars to fight Aids worldwide; and how about disaster relief when countries are leveled by natural catastrophes, such as earthquakes and tsunamis? 3. Along with Russia, Great Britain, and the other allies, The United States had liberated most (if not all) of Europe from such evil forces as Mussolini and Hitler; effectively destroying not such friendly political systems such as Fascism and Imperialism; and the sick practice of Eugenics that was rampant in Nazi Germany.

4. The United States has welcomed thousands upon thousands of immigrants to our country, allowing those who have chosen to become United States citizens, to seek an opportunity, and freedoms that they may not have had in their country of origin. Not to mention the grants and benefits that often accompany their citizenship.

5. Numerous scientific, medical, and pharmaceutical breakthroughs.

6. With the blood and fortitude of our founding fathers, and brave men who gave their lives for a cause greater then themselves, a modern day political system was created, to which many countries would subsequently adopt and follow.

7. Some of the world’s greatest, and most innovative inventions.To name a few:

  • The Automobile (as we know it today)
  • Airplanes
  • The Railroad
  • The Personal Computer
  • The Internet
  • Cameras
  • The Phonograph (sound recording)
  • The Telephone
  • The Television
  • Radio
  • Light bulbs
  • Movies (video recording)
  • Televised and Cable Network News
  • and how about the discovery of harnessing Electricity?

8. There are worldwide services that have been adopted by many countries, due to the great ingenuity of Benjamin Franklin, such as fire departments and public libraries.

9. How about modern day manufacturing and assembly line practices?

10. Despite the race with Russia, in the sixties, The United States was the first country to take a man to the moon; and with programs such as NASA, has contributed greatly to space exploration.

11. How about The United State’s contributions to music, such as Jazz, Country, Folk, The Blues and Rock and Roll? Oh yes, and the electric guitar. Not to mention the forum The United States has provided for some of the world’s greatest bands, and acts to come to, and seek fame and fortune.

Certainly there are many great countries in this world who have made enormous contributions and sacrifices as well; and without the inception of The United States , the world likely would have went on. That being said, if anyone reading this were to say, The United States is not a perfect country, I would agree wholeheartedly; but if there is anyone that were to say, The United States is not a great country that has sacrificed, and contributed (past and present) enormously to this world, then I would have to respectfully disagree.

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4 thoughts on “What If There Were No United States?

  1. Jackie

    Good post. Sadly, the true United States is being replaced with one I don’t recognize any longer. Thank God, he took my father home before all this began. This alone would probably have given him a heart attack. He was so passionate about this country and our freedoms.

  2. markross Post author

    Thank you Jackie!
    I am sorry to hear about your father; I can relate to your loss, and pray he is in a better place.

    We are in a tough time, but there is a lot of positive going on as well; the great patriotic spirit of The United States is being awoken again; and I am optimistic that we will come through this time as a better nation, with a higher set of standards.

    Part of what has made us a great country is our strength, and will to sustain.

    We need to pray for our nation…


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