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What If Romney Is Elected?

Written by | October 20th, 2012

For several months, those of us who believe in a Constitutionally-Limited Federal Government, and a Government which spends prudently, and believes in, and creates an environment for, economic freedom, have been having a rigorous debate in regards to the continuation of the status-quo, and the problems with electing known Establishment candidates, to be our next President. Afterall, in 2009, when The Tea Party Movement really took off, many of my friends on the right, were rightfully saying, “We will never again, elect these [Republicans in Name Only] RINOS”! Yet, here we are, in 2012, and, we are hearing from many of these same people: “We must elect [Romney] this RINO”! So, what has changed? What has changed is the fact that President Obama was elected President, and his policies, particularly on economics, are so to the left that, it makes any RINO “appear to be” on the far-right. And, while I am not a big fan of Mitt Romney, I do understand, and share the desire to make Barack Obama a one-term President.

Beyond that, and for the sake of argument, let’s assume that Mitt Romney is elected our next President, what policies will he pursue, through and with Congress, that would be appealing to both his Republican base, and Libertarians, who are beyond tired of the status-quo, and want to see fundamental reforms enacted, particularly with respects to our economic system?

If Romney is elected:

Will he work to reform The Federal Income Tax code? We continually hear from his campaign that, certain loopholes, subsidies, shelters and write-offs, will be done away with, and the marginal tax rate will be lowered, exponentially – as well as broadening the tax-payer base. This sounds great, but, as far as I am concerned, it does not go far enough! I would like to see a complete repeal of The 16th Amendment, and abolish all Federal Income Tax – replacing it with a retail-sales-tax-only system. Sales tax is voluntary, and only applies when a person makes a “new” purchase. That would unleash so much more capital, and investment – which, alone, would be a great stimulus to our economy. But, if the best we can get from Romney is the aforementioned, then, I believe we must demand a completely Flat Tax! In other words, let’s not spend our time talking about which loopholes, subsidies, shelters and write-offs are appropriate to keep, and which must go. As long as there are any of these things, it keeps the doors of corruption wide open for the lobbyists, and still fosters an environment for arbitrary Government Power, allowing them to decide who the winners and losers are, while continuing the ability for the class-warfare crowd to spew their rhetoric. One flat rate, at perhaps 10%, and we are all in – Period!

What will he do to reign in The Federal Reserve, and reestablish a gold and/or silver standard, so that our currency is once again, backed by more then thin-air, and the Government’s word? The Government’s word, and thin-air, basically, being synonymous terms! Whether it is The Federal Reserve, or Congress (as directed by The Constitution), who is creating our monetary supply, as long as that money is not backed by a tangible asset, and can be arbitrarily created, the result is inflation – which devalues our present currency, and our savings. The result is the need to spend more and more money to buy the same goods and services. The people who are harmed the most, are the poor, and the retired, who live on a fixed income. As long as these inflationary policies are in place, which allows the Government to spend our money, without as much as a vote in Congress – it, for the most part, reduces the marginal tax rate argument down to a mere spectacle. Sound money, and the proper method of taxation, which is through our Representatives in Congress, are imperative, if we are to restore fiscal sanity and fiscal health to this country again.

Will he work with Congress, and encourage them to send a Balanced Budget Amendment to the states, in hopes that 3/4s of the states will ratify it? As most of us are aware of, our Federal Government can no longer be trusted with the unrestrained power to borrow money, on the backs of the tax-payers, and future generations. As with the states, it is past high-time for The Federal Government to be forced to operate within a budget, and only spend what it takes in, in tax revenues.

Will he follow through, to work on Legislation that would take Medicare out of the hands of The Federal Government, and send it to the 50 states, where each state can determine the viability, need, and future of the program? If this does occur, it is likely that some states will mismanage the program; but, it is more then likely that many states, through market mechanisms, will create new and innovative ways to provide healthcare to the elderly, without bankrupting the Public treasury; and, most certainly, the best ideas will be adopted by our respective states. Even the worse case scenarios could not be much worse then the way our Federal Government has handled it, by putting future generations on the hook, for trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities.

On day one, will he ask Congress to write a bill that will completely repeal Obamacare, and begin, immediately, on working on Legislation that will completely open up ALL 50 states to competition in healthcare insurance? Every person that I speak to, regardless of party affiliation, expresses a frustration with being Limited to buying insurance only in the states to which they reside. One of the wholly Constitutional Powers given to Congress by our Founders, was The Commerce Clause – which directed Congress to make sure that no barriers, in regards to free trade, would be erected by the states – which would guarantee the free flow of [commerce] goods and services, across state lines.

I have little doubt that, ALL Americans want to feel safe in the country that they live in, even if we don’t always agree on the specifics of the policies. That said, will he direct an honest, and insightful commission, on our military spending, and our military presence throughout the word? And with the financial crisis that our country now faces, will Romney begin to put the focus more on protecting our country and borders, and start withdrawing troops and forces from areas of the world where the security of “our country” is not being specifically addressed? Beyond that, what will Romney do to assure our country that he will not get us involved in another costly war, and military entanglement, notwithstanding an imminent attack on “our country”?

Social Issues:
While abortion is, and likely, always will be, one of the most contentious social issues that our country faces, will Romney pursue legislation that guarantees, without a shadow of the doubt that, our tax dollars will not be sent to any institution where the practice of abortion is provided? Those of us, who truly believe in the sanctity of life, also realize that, the issue of abortion can not be solved with a one-size-fits-all solution – and therefore, as with all social issues, must be returned to the states, where the states can come up with innovative ways to address these contentious issues. The best ideas, most certainly, will be adopted by our respective states. While abortion, in some form, will, likely, always exist, I am certain that there are solutions that could seriously curtail the need and desire to pursue that avenue – to which most Americans could be satisfied with.

I am sure there are more items that I could add to the above list; but, I believe that the above addresses some of the most pressing issues that face our country, and Federal Government policies. 

While Romney, in my humble opinion, is not the most ideal candidate, if he is elected, as with any other person, I will support him where I think he is doing good things – particularly, if those things are within the spheres of Constitutional Power given to The Federal Government – and I will oppose him, as I hope my Tea Party friends will, if he does a 360, and pursues the same RINO avenues that those of us on the right know, have been an utter failure.

Beyond the aforementioned policy challenges, it is also apparent to much of our citizenry that, our Federal Government has moved too far away from it’s core Constitutional Powers, to which it was originally created to be an agent of. It is also apparent to many of us that, the current, two-party system, is fundamentally flawed, and corrupt, and also needs to be reformed. While I will refrain, in this post, from elaborating on these two things, they are both extremely important issues that need to be addressed, as we move through and past this current election cycle.

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6 thoughts on “What If Romney Is Elected?

  1. Thomas Fleres

    It is imperative that we have a balanced budget and better yet a surplus in these financially destructive times. I’ve always been a little skeptical of a balanced budget amendment though. I foresee any of the following occurring with a balanced budget amendment:

    1) The government simply ignores the amendment as they have continually done with the constitution.
    2) The amendment would be a watered down version with provisions in place to bypass it for any loosely defined state emergencies.
    3) Spending would not necessarily decrease. Government would increase taxes with the excuse that they have no choice in order to balance the budget.
    4) Massive Inflation: A new Federal Reserve Act could be passed allowing the Federal Reserve to print money at an aggressive rate with no requirement to hold government treasuries. Interest charged to the government would be 0 %; essentially free money to balance the budget.

    1. Mark Ross Post author

      Thank you for the comment Thomas. All, great points!
      Let me see if I can respond, one point at a time:

      1) That is true, but at least then, we, in these 50 states, and in the court system, have a legally binding Amendment, that gives us the power to enforce it.

      2) True, but, if the states are not happy with it, we don’t ratify it, and it goes back to Congress with our suggested changes.

      3 + 4) Thomas, they are both very good, and very valid points. Something, no doubt, has to be done about The Federal Reserve. By getting back to sound money, backed by gold or silver, would seriously limit their ability to inflate our currency.

      In regards to raising taxes:
      If they need revenue, that is exactly what they are suppose to do! But, unlike printing money out of thin air, our Representatives actually would have to vote on it. With enough pressure, Congress will not likely be able to increase taxes too much. Fundamental tax reform is also very much needed!

      While no rational person likes higher taxes, it is still the lessor of the three [borrowing, inflation, taxation] evils.

  2. Thomas Fleres

    True Mark. As long as we as citizens stay active throughout the process and hold our representatives accountable for any of the above possible moves on their part, we’ll be able to prevent the above negative possibilities. So it is important that all citizens keep a watchful eye and not go to sleep, if indeed a balanced budget amendment passes.

    Looking back at point 4, I made above, it looks like I described the situation with the FED in error. Even if the FED lends money at 0 %, it is not free money. It still has to be paid back and therefore is recorded as debt on the books. What I should have wrote is that the treasury would most likely not borrow from the federal reserve at all. Congress would have the treasury print aggressive amounts of fiat money on its own. By the treasury, not the federal reserve, printing money out of thin air in large quantities, it would not get recorded as debt. Just wanted to clarify that so that no one is confused by my point 4 above. Hopefully I didn’t add more confusion.

  3. Mark Ross Post author

    I think, upwards of 48 states are mandated by their state Constitutions to balance their budgets. And, while, many states have been reckless with their public spending, it doesn’t negate the fact that they must make the tough choices, in order to get their fiscal homes in order. Therefore, if our states are Constitutionally mandated to be fiscally prudent, there is no reason why our Federal Government should not be.

    Beyond just the need for our Federal Government to start getting it’s fiscal house in order, their ability to borrow, truly under-minds the states efforts, as us tax-payers, regardless of how fiscally conservative our states are, are still on the hook for the fiscal madness of our Federal Government.

    Their borrowing, and endless printing power, also allows them to bribe our state legislatures with more promises of Federal money, which is also very corrupting, and very damaging to our sovereignty as states and tax-payers.

    There is no longer any excuse for The Federal Government to continue borrowing, or printing money out of thin air; it is high-time for us to take our medicine, if we are to emerge a much stronger country, going forward.

  4. Im4theUSA

    Fed – Impossible to go back to gold/silver standard – not enough in existence to account for the total economy – would like to see an agreed upon formula based on GDP that at least provides some control. Would like congressional over-site

    Balanced Budget – Romney has stated support for amendment – did it in Mass. Need to have something else that states what and how or if borrowing is allowed – not normally covered in balanced budget language.
    Medicare/Obamacare – he has stated many times support for states to handle things themselves and is a strong state’s rights advocate. He is supportive of passing a law allowing all insurance to be able to cross state lines.

    Military – We will never agree completely on this issue but strength has always brought more peace in the world than passive/appeasement policies. He is strong on border control.

    Social issues – He has stated that although he believes in traditional marriage and does not support abortion he has also stated that he will pull all fed gov out of these areas and leave it to the states and/or a constitutional amendment – which is never going to happen in either case.

    You need to be a little more optimistic about Romney he will be far more effective than Paul or Johnson so any steps in the right direction are better than none and if we all pull together to keep him directed appropriately then we can all see those accomplishments.

    1. Mark Ross Post author

      Hi Im4theUSA!
      Thank you for the comment!

      Allow me to address your comments, one at a time:

      (Fed) So, do we just say to hell with The Constitution, like so many other things, and ignore that it says, “No State shall… make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts…”? Or that “only Congress” was given the power to “coin” money? Also, I wonder how much of our GDP is falsely inflated? Nonetheless, your point is taken that, it would be rather difficult to monetize our GDP with physical gold or silver, unless the value of gold or silver was dropped, exponentially. Another idea that is floating out there is that, we could use the market value of gold or silver to regulate our monetary policy. But, without physical gold and/or silver, we would still have to trust the Government’s word – if there were no “redeemable” asset behind our paper currency.

      (Military) Protecting our sovereign borders, “in regards to The Common Defence Clause,” should be the number one priority of The Federal Government. Our Government is broke, and will no longer be able to maintain it’s current footprint throughout the world; unless, of course, we allow them to keep borrowing us into the abyss.

      (Medicare/Obamacare, and Social issues) We totally agree on these points! All social issues, healthcare insurance, and anything else not explicitly delegated to The Federal Government, in the Constitution, should be handled by our states.

      If Romney wants Congress to create legislation to open up competition across state lines, in regard to health insurance, that would be great! But, the original intent of The Commerce Clause has already directed Congress to guarantee that goods and services will pass “freely” across states lines. In fact, it was Congress, to the best of my knowledge, who, unconstitutionally, helped erect these insurance barriers in the first place.

      “You need to be a little more optimistic about Romney he will be far more effective than Paul or Johnson.” I totally respect your opinion, but do not agree with it! I would prefer Ron Paul, and/or Gary Johnson, over Romney, any day. Johnson or Paul would be the game-changers; with Romney, I am expecting more of the same. For the sake of our country, I hope I am wrong!


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