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Welcome To Washington D.C.

Written by | June 28th, 2009

I believe there are many good people that run for office, with the best of intentions in representing their constituents; and to make positive changes for their country, states, and communities.

However, after a long string of events, that seemingly make little to no sense from our elected officials in Washington; only to see continued pain with each new proposed bill; after watching many good people lose every thing that they’ve worked so hard for; it not only breaks my heart, but it leaves me with an extraordinary cynical view of our current federal government; and the incessant abuses that continue to be legislated, and forced on the good people of this country; none of which, by virtue of common-sense, seem to be aimed at truly fixing the problems at hand, let alone restoring this country to the virtues and foundations which have made us a great country.

So, if we were to apply common-sense, most of us can relate to the old adage: “If it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it”… However, what if the machine is severely broken? Shall we continue to replace it with bad parts?

When we elect officials to represent us, does that also mean to exclude us? And have the words represent and exclude now become synonymous?

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