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We Must Place The Republican Party On Probation

Written by | September 12th, 2010

After two long-suffering years of these unbelievably left policies of The Democrats and The Obama Administration, I am so thankful to finally be able to see the November – midterm elections on the near horizon. It’s hard to believe that only a little over two years ago, I too was a Democrat. It was after doing hours of reading, on the history of political parties in our country; their platforms over the years; and free-market economics, that I came to realize, in principle, I really am a Jeffersonian Republican.

That being said, it won’t be hard for one to surmise that I will likely be voting Republican in November. If for no other reason, it will be to restore a little more balance in our Federal Government, in hopes that the pendulum will start to swing the other way, toward a smaller government, and a more stable economy.

While I am trying very hard to be optimistic for the future of our country; and while I am heartened to see so many Americans waking up to the political and economic realities that are now facing our country, I still find myself having trouble to be overly optimistic about The Republicans coming back to power in D.C. While I am very thankful to The Bush Administration for their strong and relentless fight against the terrorists after 911, there seemed to be very little effort to control our national debt, while growing the federal government, exponentially. Of course, in retrospect, the amount of debt accrued under The Bush Administration, seems almost welcoming in comparison to the debt accrued by The Obama Administration. Regardless, let’s face it, both parties, especially over the last 10 years, have played vital parts in placing our country on its current trajectory.

Some people will argue: after spending two years in the wilderness, and after much reflection, The Republicans have learned the error of their ways – this very well may be true; however, our country is in a very precarious state right now, and if sound, conservative, policies are not put in place, our country may not get another chance to reverse course, and not spiral out of control.

Over the last year, I have come to find that I am actually more of a Libertarian then a Democrat or Republican. Looking back, perhaps I have always been a Libertarian at heart; only, until about a year ago, I never knew of The Libertarian Party’s existence . While, for some people, The Libertarian Party may seem a bit out of the mainstream, they really are not. In fact, after careful review of their policies, and after watching several shows on The Libertarian point of view, I have come to realize, they are actually as close to our Constitution, and founding principles, then any party in The United States today. We Americans, both on the left, and the right, have gotten so use to a huge government footprint, and their enormous intervention into all aspects our lives, that to imagine going back to a time when the federal government was far less involved in the lives of The American people, may seem a little overwhleming for some. However, over time, I do believe that Libertarian policies is the best direction for our country, as it would gradually put us back on a Constitutional course, and realign us with our founding values. And, surely, most people would agree, The United States would not have become so great if it were not for the great Constitutional-Republican system that our founders put in place.

While much of the country, myself included, is anxious to get to the polls in November, to have a peaceful revolution at the ballot box, here is my proposal:

For the sake of restoring balance in our country, we Conservatives, Libertarians, and Independents, will likely be voting mostly Republican. And, from all estimates, it appears that The Republicans are going to wipe out The Democrats. However, for the sake of our country, I believe, we must try to remain above parties, and stay hyper-focused on principles: Republican, Libertarian, and Constitutional principles, according to the intents of our founders!  Therefore, I would have to believe, by the 2012 elections, The Republicans will have had sufficient time to prove that they can get back to Conservative – Republican principles, and at least place our country on a much more stable and prudent trajectory. That would not only be great for our country, but it would also reassure many Republican victories in the future. If, however, by 2012, The Republican Party has done little to restore our country; or due to partisan politics; or for other reasons, our conditions worsen, then, we could make a collective decision to vote in The Libertarian Party; or, perhaps, The Tea Party will, or could, evolve into a true political party!

As a registered Independent, and as many of my friends know, my personal preference would be to see political parties, forever, disappear from our government. In my opinion, the whole concept of political parties, are, inherently divisive, and very bad for a freely elected, and Constitutional government. However, as much as I would love to see the day come when The American people, collectively, decide, that we can start voting as Americans, and not as Republicans or Democrats, then my second best wish would be to have a new party, who has not been around for over 150 years, and whose core principles are rooted in the same principles as our founding fathers.

Therefore, after November, I truly believe: We, The People, must place The Republican Party on probation!

And, going forward, let’s remain cautiously optimistic!

God Bless our great country!

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