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We Must Never Forget

Written by | March 12th, 2009

In all of my life, as a United States citizen, 911 is definitely one of the most profound, and saddest times that I can recall. As sad as it was, I can still recall the solidarity of The American people, shortly after 911.

All of a sudden, your political affiliations did not seem to matter; your career, your past and present situations also did not seem to matter; all that mattered was that we were fellow Americans and this radical terrorist group just took down two large buildings in a major United States city, in which nearly 3,000 innocent people were killed; not to mention, the many rescue personnel that came to the call, and gave their lives, as well.

Like many others, I desperately wanted time to move quickly, as the pain, grief and anger that I felt was so intense. Still, I often think back, and recall how united we (as a country) were.

I will never forget watching The President on TV, and feeling really touched by his words, and his call for Americans to stay united; he also seemed just as in shock as we were; he shared in our grief, fear and anger; undoubtedly, he was not the same man that he was prior to 911.

That day, our country could very well had been brought to its knees; however, there was a call for Americans to get back out there and live. We were directed “not” to let these hateful terrorists to cause us to live in fear, and we heard the call. I recall people coming out, and vocalizing their anger at these people, and publicly declaring that we were not going to stop living The American life because of their despicable acts.

I can still recall the president quoting Psalms 23, and having tears fill my eyes while listening. Yes, that day, we walked in the shadow of the valley of death, however, we were able to rise out from behind that shadow. 

In my opinion, this is one of the most classic moments from a president, in American history…
With his arm around a fireman, in NY City, he said that he heard us, the world heard us, and the people that knocked these buildings down, were all going to soon hear us. Then the crowd began chanting, USA! USA!… a very touching moment!
Another fact that some may recall is,  Americans, in NY, were starting to rough up Middle Eastern people on the streets, and the president called on the people “not” to hold innocent people responsible for these acts; he did not allow us to go down to the same level as these terrorists, and that was not to take our anger out on innocent people.

In retrospect, I truly do believe that most Americans were united in the fact that we had to go after the terrorists who perpetuated these acts; we now knew that the attacks were planned and implemented by Al-Quaeda who were operating primarily in Afghanistan. So, within a month, American troops were deployed, with much of the free world behind us. Shortly thereafter, we were told that Iraq was somehow involved; to the surprise of many, we reluctantly went along with this premise;and sadly, the war in Iraq seems to have been the factor that has divided many Americans, and caused many fractured relationships between ourselves and other countries; leaving many Americans very skeptical our own government.

That being said, we were attacked on 911, by some very extreme individuals who wanted nothing more then to bring The United States, as we know it, to its knees. I must admit, as much as I longed for it, I never went back to a pre-911 mindset. My thoughts on politics, military, and national security were forever changed. Thousands and thousands of brave Americans left the comfort of home and went to war for the rest of us; many of them are no longer with us. Our military personnel are truly brave people who have made tremendous sacrifices while the rest of us moved on and tried to forget that horrific day.

No matter what your thoughts on politics are, no matter how you feel about the post 911 strategy, I, for one, say, we must never forget that day and the brave people that came to our call; and the tremendous solidarity that we shared. We should always remember the lesson learned that day: we are all Americans first, and no matter what any one tells me, I do believe, deep in our hearts, we do care tremendously for each other.

I pray that it will not take another cataclysmic event for us to all be reminded of these lessons.

I truly do believe that we are a blessed country, that was brought into existence by great men, with divine intervention. The American dream will never die, as long as “we” never let it die.

God Bless our great nation…


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