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The Third Rail Of Politics Is Becoming The First

Written by | January 27th, 2011

In this very unfortunate time, in our country’s history, we have come to a point, economically, where we are faced with some very daunting choices…

Naturally, and understandably, there are things, that, as a nation, we have come to expect from our Federal Government; whether they are wholly Constitutional, such as having a military to defend our nation; or were created without explicit Constitutional authority, as with Medicare and Social Security, these three things, among others, are often referred to as sacred cows. They are referred to as such, because, while the majority of Americans appear to be realizing that we do, indeed, need to make some tough fiscal choices, in regards to Government-spending – generally-speaking, it is always some one else’s programs, or sacred cows, that, when asked, should be the first to be cut, or eliminated.  I suppose that should be of no surprise, as it is a very part of our human-nature to not want to be forced into making potential, life-altering decisions.

Irregardless, according to most professionals, these are the three items, in our Federal budget, that seem to be placing our Federal Government, and country, in very serious danger of  going broke. Therefore, in my humble opinion, all programs, and all agencies, in the Federal Government, must be put on the table; and every American, who really wants to see our country be passed onto future generations, as a free and prosperous nation, must be willing to make some difficult choices.

Most, if not all, Americans, would agree, a military is absolutely critical to our security; and, like it or not, millions have become dependent on Medicare and Social Security. For these reasons alone, these three items, in our country, are classified as the third rail of politics; simply, because, they are very hot things to touch, politically. And, generally-speaking, only the most honest of politicians will give us the truth, in regards to the sovereignty, and longevity, of these three items. 

While some, in our Federal Government, including our President, have publicly acknowledged that Medicare, then Social Security, are the two Government programs, that, if unchanged, will put our nation most at risk, few are putting fourth any serious legislation that would deal with any of the these increasing monstrosities.

I don’t have all the numbers, and I am not an economist, but one idea I have heard, and really liked, was to block grant Medicare and Social Security down to the respective states, and let the states manage them, and decide their fates, going forward. That would not only be a great step, Constitutionally, in regards to states’ rights, but it would also allow our Federal Government to get back to the few things that they were initially created for, by our Founders; while, getting their own fiscal house in order!

In regards to our military:

I have the highest respect, and admiration, for all military men, and women, who have served, and are serving, our nation. I would “never” want to see them go without proper equipment to keep them safe, or to accomplish their missions. However, perhaps it is time, as a nation, for us to honestly ask, what exactly is the overall goal for our military? Is the goal to protect our 50 states? Or, several countries? Who may have needed our help, for some time, after World War 2 – but, after 65 years, should be well-prepared to defend their own nations! Is our goal to track down terrorists, who want to do our country harm? Or, is it to build nations, and create Governments? Where such Governments may never even be accepted! And, no matter how much money we throw at Governments, and countries – without a free-market system of economics, most under-developed countries will, likely, never rise out of poverty.

These are the questions that we, as a nation, need to be asking ourselves, and discussing, openly, with fellow-citizens. There are certainly no easy answers; but, if we act sooner, rather then later, the results will be less painful and more rational. If we all step up, and honestly ask, where would I take a cut? And, how much of a cut am I willing to take? We can begin the process of resetting, and getting our country back on the track that made us a powerful, free, and prosperous, nation, in the first place.

The result of doing nothing, could mean, no longer being able to pay for Medicare, Social Security, and a number of other Federal Government programs. And, could you imagine a time to where we can no longer afford any military, whatsoever? God help us!

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2 thoughts on “The Third Rail Of Politics Is Becoming The First

  1. Jeff Minor

    “Most, if not all, Americans, would agree, a military is absolutely critical to our security;…” How we use the military seems to be a big problem. The libertarian says it’s to be used for defense only. I tend to think that way, but also want the ability to use the military to help take out evil, from time to time.

  2. Jeff Minor

    We always have our historic example to fall back on. The best is Hitler, of course. We could not afford to let him have his way. We fought communism because we saw it as evil. Or some of us did.


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