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The Party Establishment In Washington D.C.

Written by | October 31st, 2009

I can not say this with any real certainty, but I truly believe, since many conservatives have voted Republican for so many years, it may seem inconceivable to vote anything but Republican.

Throughout the course of our short history, political parties have come and gone. I, for one, don’t believe in political parties, and neither did George Washington. In 1791, Thomas Jefferson formed The Democratic-Republican Party, in response to Hamilton’s formation of The Federalist Party, a year earlier; and hence, the beginning of “true” political division in our nation.

That being said, The Republican Party, over the years, did represent our founding principals, as the party of Thomas Jefferson; however, over the years, both parties have increasingly become more and more nationalized, while the sovereignty of the individual states seem to be getting less and less. Fiscal responsibility is another thing that seemed to have become a thing of the past, in Washington D.C, over the last decade or so. And now, most recently, our free-market system seems to be really under assault by a heavy-handed, far-left Democrat majority in Congress.

The establishment will also have you believe, and with good reason, that a third-party can not succeed in our system of politics. OK, well, what if someone had told that to Abraham Lincoln, and he believed it? He would not have become our first Republican President.

I truly believe, the only establishment that true conservative Americans should be interested in, is the establishment of a prudent, limited, and fiscally responsible government, as directed by our founders, and through our Constitution. For conservatives across the country, it is exciting to see Doug Hoffman so close to a victory in NY, under The Conservative Party. He appears to be advocating “true” conservative values; and from what I understand, The Republican Party is allowing him to caucus with them as well. Speaking of third parties, I recall Joe Lieberman winning his Senate seat back, running as an Independent, which is further evidence that we do not necessarily have to concede to the two “established” parties.

In this turbulent time, in our nation, and with so much on the line, we must remain open-minded to candidates who truly are interested in restoring our government back to a much more constitutionally respecting place in our nation; and from there, I do believe, as with Hoffman, the right people will get behind them, and help them get to where they are going.

We should not hold animosity to anyone who believes in the established system of the two parties; it is human nature to feel secure with a system that has lasted so many years; however, if things are meant to be, they will be, if not, they will be replaced. We need to embrace all true conservatives, because many people have so many great ideas that can help our nation get it’s footing back to where it needs to be.

If Doug Hoffman wins a seat to Congress, I do believe other conservative candidates will follow suit; and hopefully, The Republican Party will embrace them as well. Perhaps this movement will be a clear message to future Republican candidates, while many of us believe in building consensus, we are not always happy with their compromises.—There is clearly a difference…

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One thought on “The Party Establishment In Washington D.C.

  1. Jackie

    While many Americans have woken up to the perils of what is happening in our country and making themselves aware of the issues and the candidates, there are still way too many people who are considered conservative that choose not to get involved in the political process. 

    I used to number among their ranks.  I can tell you that those people (if they bother to go to the polls) will just vote the party line.  They do this because they have been watching American Idol instead of Fox News (i.e. not keeping up with what is going on) and they do not know the candidates and therefore feel safer just voting along party lines; hoping the candidate will take care of them.

    How do you get these people to care?  I feel it will only get worse as our education system will be working to push out more progressive liberals and "back-seat" conservatives don't join the ranks of us who are concerned, so that we can make a difference.


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