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The NRA Says To Hell With The Constitution

Posted by | December 25th, 2012

Below, is an insightful post, from The Tenth Amendment Center, on the recent policy proposal from The NRA:

“A week after the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, the National Rifle Association finally broke its silence.

On Friday, NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre tried to out-blame the gun-blamers. He focused his attention on Hollywood. He focused his attention on violent video games. He focused his attention on the media.

But somewhere in the midst all that finger-pointing, LaPierre did manage to slip in one policy proposal.

Armed guards stationed in every American school.

OK, maybe an armed, uniformed goon roaming school hallways makes sense.

Or not.

But we find the real kicker in his preferred methodology for getting this done.

I call on Congress today to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every single school in this nation.”

So Wayne, please show me the enumerated power authorizing Congress to fund police officers in schools.

I’ll pause for a moment here.


It simply doesn’t exist.

School security clearly falls within the “numerous and indefinite” objects James Madison insisted were left to the states and the people. It’s simply not a federal issue.

So, once again we find a supposedly “conservative” figure running to the federal government to advance his agenda, despite the blatant unconstitutionality of the action. Odd behavior for the leader of an organization that defines itself by a constitutional provision. If LaPierre thinks Congress can just “do stuff “without any constitutional authorization, I wonder what makes him think they have to pay one iota of attention to the Second Amendment?

Adding to the creepy factor here – and now you will see why I used the term “goon” earlier – check out who Wayne tapped to head up this little endeavor. He appointed former, DEA Administrator and Department of Homeland Security official Asa Hutchinson as director of the National School Shield.

The federal police state – coming to a kindergarten class near you!

The thought of a gunman indiscriminately shooting children in an elementary school tears at all of our hearts. No American ever wants to see something like this happen again. But as I argued previously, we cannot allow our grief and calls to “do something” to drive us toward unconstitutional solutions that will lead to more power centralized in D.C. That poses a far greater danger to America than any deranged shooter.

The gun-ban-nuts want to ignore the Constitution and strip away rights protected by the Second Amendment.

Not surprising.

But now we have the “conservative” response – equally destructive to the Constitution.

Seems to me we have a pair of cures far worse than the problem.”

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2 thoughts on “The NRA Says To Hell With The Constitution

  1. Jackie Durkee

    These days it doesn’t matter whether it is the right or the left, the United States has become such an entitled nation and the federal government has over-stepped their bounds for so long that EVERYBODY runs to the federal government for whatever they think needs to be done whether it is the federal government’s constitutional right or not.

    My daughter goes to an alternative school, unfortunately, because she stole something at the high school and they expelled her. The school she goes to now I feel is very secure. All doors are kept locked all day. There is a camera located at all doors and you cannot get in unless you are buzzed in. The students are wanded when they arrive and none of them have book bags. They carry no books or supplies to school or home from school. All work and studying is done at the school, no class work is taken home. The students just come with the clothes they wear, nothing else.

    1. Mark Ross Post author

      You are exactly right Jackie! Regardless of the fact that The Federal Government has Limited Constitutional Powers, most of our country, sadly, thinks they can just nationalize anything under The Sun. The good news is that, The Federal Government can not go on being all things to all people, and eventually it will all come to a head!


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