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The Normandy Invasion – Sixty Five Years To The Day

Written by | June 6th, 2009

Today is sixty five years to the day since the allied forces stormed Normandy, France, liberating Europe from the absolute tyranny of Adolph Hitler and The Nazis.

It was The attack on Pearl Harbor that ultimately brought The United States into World War 2; however, if The United States did not enter that war, Europe, as we know it, could very well be dramatically different today.

We owe a great amount of  gratitude to those men and women, from all countries, that made these enormous sacrifices in World War 2, to defend the liberties that we still have today.

There is hardly any words that I can write to effectively describe their sacrifices, and the gratitude that I feel to that generation. However, our former President, Ronald Reagan, said it so eloquently, in this 40th anniversary speech to the veteran Rangers at Pointe Du Hoc, Normandy, France, on June 6th, 1984.

Please watch this great and emotional speech:

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3 thoughts on “The Normandy Invasion – Sixty Five Years To The Day

  1. LeighDavid

    Yes very true, his speech was very emotional. It makes me so proud to call this country my home.  I just wish others, who shall remain nameless would realize and reiterate to others the sacrifices America has made, the amazing things we have done, and how great this country is and should be, appreciate America….I know I do!

  2. markross Post author


    The United States is not a perfect country, and neither is any other country in this world…all countries have made their share of mistakes…

    However, The United States has made sacrifices around this world, that have gone way farther, and far wider then the call of duty. In fact, even to our own detriment!

    For that reason alone, I will never let anyone tell me that The United States is nothing less than a great country, and I too feel blessed to be a United States citizen.


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