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The John Adams Project And Putting CIA Agents At Risk

Written by | September 9th, 2009

In the past, I have written about, and have been frustrated over the fact that we, as a nation, have often over-politicized our national security. And recently, our current administration has been going back and fourth on possibly prosecuting officials from our last administration for so-called torture techniques used on suspected terrorists. While I do believe this is a “very bad” precedent for a nation to set, and potentially a very serious national security threat, I can not recall too many things more alarming then what this so-called John Adams Project is doing.

Whether or not you agreed with the post 911 policies, one thing is absolutely irrefutable; and that is, The George Bush administration did dwarf any further 911 type attacks on The United States’ soil; which in my opinion, makes these political witch-hunts that much more outrageous.

Let me be clear, I do not believe anyone is above the law, and we are a nation of laws; however, I am adamantly against exposing CIA agents to suspected terrorists, and making a public spectacle of our national security; or retroactively attempting to prosecute past administrations who were “protecting” our nation. The nation could very well conduct “private” fact-finding commissions, learn from any past mistakes and move forward. However, these  political witch-hunts are very insulting, very dangerous, and potentially, treasonous to our nation.
I do not mind rational people who are “slightly” liberal, however, I am very concerned that these fringe people on the far-left of our nation, one day, are going to get us all killed. I pray I am wrong. 
Please watch the below video; Bill  O’Reilly on The John Adams Project… 

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2 thoughts on “The John Adams Project And Putting CIA Agents At Risk

  1. NmJune

    I have seen NO inclination towards compassion in this Administration. None! Every action, every speech is geared towards total control of the population.  Americans are a compassionate people but that becomes less evident as politicians throw more hurdles out to prevent free choice, free action, free thinking.

    We are on a dangerous path here, being pushed along by a president's fervent need to please and pay back political favors to left wing organizations, Unions, GE, "Community" organizations, lawyers and others who paved Obama's way with their money.  Not to mention the ongoing voter support from liberal zealots and the entitlement segment who continue to gear their votes to politicians who for generations have promised much and delivered nothing except more power and wealth to themselves.

    The John Adams Project is yet another example of the dangers in our midst.  Those who protect and serve our nation deserve better than another witch hunt which accomplishes nothing except to fuel the frenzied fervor and power seeking of the hunters.

  2. Jackie

    I believe The Adams Project will set a bad precedent for all further new administrations taking action against the policies of the administration before it.  Would the Obama administration want to be sued for all the unconstitutional policies and laws he is going to be responsible for?

    I think not.

    It blows my mind that Obama keeps going back and forth on this issue.


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