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The Gravy Train Has Derailed

Written by | December 10th, 2008

With the current economic state of the country, I find it disheartening that our government leaders, from the local level all the way to the White House would find it necessary to continue spending money we don’t have and can ill afford to pay back. In my city the newest budget shortfall is unusual in a time when government entities are increasingly wringing more dollars out of their unwilling subjects in a manner that would make an extortionist proud. Living in a community where the average family income is $34k per year, the amount of direct taxes and fees levied by the city for services is a huge chunk of that increasingly tight budget.

During the boom times, our government failed to imagine that at some point the gravy train would derail. Now that it has, it is time for our leaders to take a serious look at the budget and services provided. In tough economic times, families must make a choice between wants and needs and balance the two in a manner that the family as a whole can live with.

Our elected (and appointed) leaders, in an attempt to remain in good graces with a few constituents have failed to adequately represent the nation as a whole, many opting instead to increase fees for government services to cover a tax revenue shortfall. It should be obvious, that is not the proper way to handle a budget crisis, particularly when the people directly affected can ill afford to pay more and are busy cutting their own budget to the bone.

States, counties and cities across the nation have made it known many times that they have already cut the fat. Our nation, on the other hand has done no such thing. Perhaps it is time to redefine what constitutes fat and start all over again.

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3 thoughts on “The Gravy Train Has Derailed

  1. markross


    Derailed? It is out of control!

    Welcome to this issue!

    I have been banging this drum for months.

    It is a flipping disgrace.

    There is only one way to start over, and that is to kick them all the hell out, up there in DC, and redefine the way our government does business.

    Unfortunately, with limited power, we, the people, have no choice but to bite the bullet; unless affirmative action is collectively taken, by the people.

    Perhaps we should start a national petition, or something of that sort.

    Perhaps the people should be able to petition a vote of no confidence.


  2. resqr1968

    Indeed it has. I think the whole mess is bigger than most of us can get our minds around. That is not meant to imply ignorance or a lack of intelligence in anyone. I truly believe the problem is so deep, with so many levels it has no real easy answer to grasp. Even if one was to eradicate the current Congress, that may, and it's only a may, change things going forward, but fixing what's already happened still is almost mission impossible. Of course, some how, some way we will come through it at some point. This is undoubtedly more than a blip on the economic radar for us though.

    My sincerest hope is that we all take this to heart & do what is neccessary to shore up those rainy day funds, for one never knows what tomorrow will bring. My hope is that not only individual Americans take this to heart, but businesses & government entities make these a part of their budgets going forward. If we do not learn from our mistakes, we will surely repeat them.

  3. markross

    Yes, indeed, we do need to really tighten up, in our own budgets, however, I think that a complete change, in D.C. politics is absolutely necessary; you’re correct, it will not help in the short term, but how can we have any confidence in their future decisions, after this mess?

    They are still throwing billions out, like it is monopoly money. It seems that the 15 billion that may get thrown at The Big 3, and is being sold as a bridge loan, in fact seems to be going to The UAW, as they (big unions) seem to be in the politician’s back pockets.

    Airlines, in the past have done bankruptcy, restructured, and contracts with their unions were renegotiated.
    Obviously, business as usual is “not” working; so why keep throwing money into the wind?

    This particular situation seems to be about lobbyists and special interests, and it happens with both parties. As it is said, “there is nothing new, under the sun”

    Sadly, I don’t think that the reality has yet hit a lot of people.

    Beings that I have been unemployed for 6 months, with very little prospects, right now, I have been, fully aware, of this situation, and watching it get worse.

    In fact, I had started my own little business; for months, I was working many hours a day, and now, it seems as though, that is also at a hold.

    Sadly, there is still more pain to come, no bottom in site; yes we do need to remain positive, however, unless we, the people voice our discontent, then they, in D.C., will continue to take us for a ride.


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