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The Federal Government And Our Free Markets

Written by | October 21st, 2009

With the free market, we consumers have the power to financially boycott a particular company if we are not satisfied with their prices and/or services; therefore, wouldn’t it stand to reason, if the federal government is so insistent on taking over our free market system of commerce, then shouldn’t we, the consumers, have the power to financially boycott the federal government as well, if we are not satisfied with their prices and/or services?

We, as citizens of The United States, now have two very large powers that we often take for granted: One is the ability to vote for the candidates that we feel best represents us, and the other is the power to purchase, or not purchase from a particular merchant if we are not happy with their prices or services. If we, collectively, bond together, we can actually force prices to go down, if we decided not to purchase from a particular merchant.

Now, if the government were to takeover the business of health care in this country, and takes our money, via income tax, what recourse do we have if we are not satisfied with the services that are being provided?

In the free market, we have discretionary spending, and through income tax, sadly, you would be considered breaking the law, if you decided that you don’t want to participate in a federally-mandated program, and refuse to pay taxes.

Of course, everyone can draw their own conclusions, but as for me, I’d rather retain my rights to continue or end a service, at any given time.

In a nation such as ours, we are very blessed, and should be careful “not” to take our freedoms for granted; they can be here today and gone tomorrow.

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One thought on “The Federal Government And Our Free Markets

  1. Jackie

    Very interesting indeed. With government control of the health care system, they will end up gaining a monopoly so to speak and what competitor do we go to if we don't want to use their services? No where. 

    On the tax end of it: if you don't pay your taxes, you are levied heavy penalties and interest, and then if you continue not to pay, they will empty out your checking, savings and anything else they can find. I would imagine eventually you would go to jail. I know my parents had an IRS problem years ago and it was horrible! They literally made my parent's life a living hell.


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