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The Director Of The CIA On Nancy Pelosi And Congress

Written by | May 14th, 2009
Nancy Pelosi accuses The CIA of misleading Congress

This is The Director of The CIA, Leon Panetta, in response to the allegations that The Speaker of The House (Nancy Pelosi) has made in regards to The CIA.

I could not have said (below) it any better myself…


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One thought on “The Director Of The CIA On Nancy Pelosi And Congress

  1. markross Post author

    I have to say, I really feel for Leon Panetta…I can sense that all of these politics are really taxing him, as well as handcuffing The CIA…

    I think he is saying (in fewer words) precisely what I have been saying for quite some time…it is the  politics and the politicians of this country that (I feel) often puts us, and our troops in more danger.

    I have been misunderstood by some when i have said things such as, "our leaders are as dangerous as our enemies".  I would "never" suggest that our leaders have an intentional desire to hurt The USA, but I am saying that by over-politicizing our national security,they are not giving the military and the people in charge of our security the necessary power to get the job done.

    It seems as though this has been the precedent since Korea and Vietnam. Look at World War 2; I am not saying that there were no politics involved, but there must have been a more clearly delineated place for politicians back then, in relationship to the military leaders.

    I really think that we owe it to our military personnel, and frankly, to this country, to let our military and national security experts get the job done, quickly and efficiently, so that our troops can come back home to their country and families; as well as keeping us "all" safe.

    The politicians need to know when to stop playing politics and allow our military do what is hard, but sometimes necessary to protect us and our nation's  interests.


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