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The Break Down In Personal Responsibility

Written by | May 31st, 2011

Below is Judge Napolitano, on Apr 20, 2011, eloquently, breaking down, the break down in personal responsibility, and our Federal Government’s efforts to diminish our individuality. He also discusses the sets of values that factions both on the left and right, historically, through The Federal Government, have been pushing on the entire country.

This is a great monologue!


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3 thoughts on “The Break Down In Personal Responsibility

  1. markross Post author

    ‎”When we allow the Government to take care of our social ills for us, we shrink from our own personal, moral, responsibilities, and all we get is more social ills and less freedom.” – Judge Napolitano

  2. Jackie Durkee

    He is definitely spot on with that. When you think about it, we kind of live in a mini-dictatorship wrapped up in the guise of government. The worse part is that the majority of Americans don’t see it and worse don’t care. It is like the frog in the pot, they will only wake up to what is happening once the water starts to boil. I don’t even believe we can rely on the upcoming crop of career politians to put a stop to or reduce the size of the federal government. In the words of Earl Pitts, “Wake Up America.”

  3. markross Post author

    Thank you for the comment, Jackie! I agree, in that the majority of the people stay complicit, and assume that it is just another tough time that we will get through. And, sadly, that is consistent with most of history: If it isn’t in my backyard, it isn’t my problem.

    If there is anything that I have learned since 911, and which is also consistent with history, is, whenever we have a military conflict (justified or not), our personal liberties shrink, and the size of Government grows. If there were one thing I wish the American people could agree on, it would be to not allow our Government to go to war unless we are attacked, or certain of an eminent attack. The cost of life, wealth and liberties, are far too great to be freely relinquished in the name of political wars. War, generally, is the failure of public policy. So many once great nations, in the end, were bankrupted and reduced to rubble, because they allowed their Governments to be in a perpetual state of war.

    I love how the Judge points out that, most Americans, one way or the other, have become way too reliant on Government. Once you are familiar with the original intents of The United States Constitution, it really is shocking as to how far away from those principles we have allowed our Federal Government to move.


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