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Foxnews Interview With William F. Buckley

Posted October 8th, 2010

Below is a 2008 Foxnews interview with William Buckley – Founder of The National Review, and the modern Conservative movement in The United States. 

David Asman, and William Buckley, discuss the history of the modern Conservative movement in The United States. 

The interview is both insightful, and educational. 


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America’s Black Founders

Posted June 3rd, 2010

On Friday, May 28, 2010, Glenn Beck, with his two guests, David Barton and Lucas Morel, did a great show on America’s Black Founders. So often, and rightfully so, we talk about great founders such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, but many of us were really surprised, and quite honestly, angry, that much of this great history was not shared in our textbooks, and taught in our public schools. As a consequence, too many distortions, in mainstream American history, have been perpetuated over the years. 

I hope that we will see more shows like this, so that African American citizens will be rightfully appreciated for their great contributions to our country; and so our history, which has been distorted, can be corrected. 

The good news is, back then, there were many black citizens, who certainly contributed to our great country, in more ways then most of us realize. I am very thankful to Glenn for bringing this (below) history to the forefront of American culture. 


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David Frost Interviewing Richard Nixon

Posted January 12th, 2009

After several hours of questions, David Frost, in this historical interview, begins hammering Richard Nixon on recently discovered information:

The subsequent (unsuspected) admission, and apology, by Richard Nixon is what makes these interviews so historical; and what propelled David Frost to a new level of world fame: 

Here is another clip of Mike Wallace (on 60 minutes) interviewing David Frost, just a few weeks prior to his interview with Richard Nixon:


Ben Stein Interviewing Richard Dawkins

Posted December 8th, 2008

The below interview is from Ben Stein’s movie, Expelled.

Ben is interviewing Richard Dawkins, the author of the book, The God Delusion.

In short, Dawkins, a known Evolutionist, contends that a supernatural creator could not have been involved in the creation of man. I do believe that Dawkins is certainly a very intelligent man, however, I just happen to disagree with his views of God. 

In this interview, he assigns some very sad (perhaps, even offensive to some) attributes to God; however, this interview is rather compelling to listen to; once the possibility of a God is removed from this discussion, Dawkins all of a sudden begins to open up to the possibilities of the very thing that he, seemingly, advocates against – which is, any form of intelligent design.