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Supreme Court Justices

Written by | May 28th, 2009
According to The Oaths of justices and judges in The United States Code, each Supreme Court Justice takes the following oath:
“I, ___ XXX, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as ___ under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.
OK, I just had a weird thought…

Perhaps we need computers instead of judges on The Supreme Court. They can work on Constitutional algorithms instead of their own emotions.  : )

Let’s be honest, judges are human beings as well, and they are going to likely slant a little bit one way or the other, however, they do need to be as Independent minded as possible, and try to look at each issue from all sides, while applying the law as close to The Constitution as “humanly” possible.

That being said, we certainly “do not” want activist judges whose agenda it is to allow laws to be passed based on their personal (or biased) preferences. While I completely understand why our founders had the three separate branches of government, as a way to de-centralize power, they had to know that The Supreme Court, by its very nature, was a possible opening for “potential” bias decision making, as it allows for The Constitution to be interpreted by a small group of individuals that are Constitutionally granted a life tenure on the court. However, there are nine justices, as opposed to one Supreme Justice; and four out of the nine justices must agree to hear a case before it can even come before The Supreme Court.

While I do understand the concern for the remarks that Sonia Sotomayor made, I do think that there is a reality that we all need to face…If you have a liberal president, then there should be no surprise that his selection is going to be a judge that has ruled with a liberal point of view, and vice-versa for conservatives. It is really bad when every single move that a president or law-maker makes, causes the entire country to draw a line in the sand; this is yet, more evidence that we really have lost faith in our law makers. Also, had judges always been working diligently to follow The Constitution, then we likely would never be having this conversation today.

Law-makers should also completely “respect” The Constitution, and be governing based on how our founders intended it. It really does seem as though we have become so paranoid of our elected officials, that forward progression (without true reform) and trust in their decision making, almost seems impossible.

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One thought on “Supreme Court Justices

  1. markross Post author

    It really is mind boggling how so much attention is given to a judge’s conservative verses liberal views. Again, as civilians, they have all of the same rights as any American citizen, and should have their own political and world views. However, on the bench, they should be expected to follow the rule of law, to the letter.

    As I stated in the post, this only demonstrates the flaws in our system, and the partisan paranoia that is so rampant in this multi-party system of politics.


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