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Shame On The Media

Written by | April 16th, 2009

I read … alot; newspapers across the country and many internet sites completely ignored or minialized the more than 700 TEA parties held independently across the nation yesterday. Whether or not this is a concerted effort by newspapers to quash an uprising of individuals concerned with out of control government is a topic I’ll leave to the conspiracy crowd, however, there was a marked tone in the coverage of the events by network television.

Quite frankly I am not surprised, nor am I amused to even the smallest factor. There appeared to be a concerted effort however, with CNN, NBC and CBS. Each of these respective networks along with their affiliate stations demeaned the people, no … the patriots, who turned out by the thousands to protest our governments actions. In one particular case, Susan Roesgen a CNN reporter in Chicago characterized the protesters as anti-government, anti-Obama and anti-CNN. Here is a clue for Ms. Roesgen; If you stop inciting people and listen to their comments, you would clearly understand that the protest was about the direction the country has taken, and taxes are but a small part of the bigger picture. The mere fact that you chastized a person over their views with regards to $400 in tax credits, shows without a doubt that you are utterly clueless about the reasons behind the protests.

In the local media, the coverage was quite different between two television stations. The first one, an independent station, reporting on the TEA Party at the Jacksonville Landing in Jacksonville Florida, stated that there was a capacity crowd that exceeded 4000. While I believe this number to be a bit high, it is pretty close since the stated capacity of Jax Landing is around 3600, although it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine another 400 or so people squeezing in the open-air venue, particularly considering the number of boats that could dock from the river, and the fact that capacities are generally stated from a given formula of area per person. We know from experience that more people can fit into an area than it was designed for, so this should come as no surprise. However, in stark contrast, a CBS affiliate in a brief commentary stated that “a few hundred tax protesters” gathered for the tax day event. It is amazing the gross understatement of the numbers of concerned citizens.

Now, lets make this very clear, while TEA is an acronym which stands for Taxed Enough Already, the TEA Party held in nationwide protest was not entirely about taxes, it was about government gone wild. The incessant driving force behind our government to consistently and without regard to reason, to spend money as if there were a magic fountain flowing with greenbacks is irresponsible and unsustainable, even in the short term. The fact that the GAO predicts an $11 trillion dollar increase in national debt over the next several years is lost on the sensationalist media types and the government alike. As Daniel Hannan so aptly put it, you cannot spend your way to prosperity and you can never borrow enough money to get out of debt. This country is trying to do both, and the end result will be that the young adults of today will have an increased tax burden of an estimated $130,000 over their lifetime. That is an estimated $3250 more per year, every year, for the rest of their working life, or roughly 3 months working full time at a minimum wage job.

Further, while I fully expect that we as citizens should respect laws, there comes a time when laws become prohibitive to freedom and are used to quell the free speech guaranteed by our constitution. In those instances, it is imperitive that the people take charge and regardless of the law in question, they should invoke their freedom as it trancends laws and government. Many jurisdictions across this nation, in an attempt to prevent the people from making their voice heard, were denied by government the right to peacefully gather. Permits were required by cities and counties, and in many cases they were denied. In those instances, the requirement of a permit from a jurisdiction flies in the face of the constitution. We do not and must not allow government to require us to ask permission to protest, to seek redress. Unfortunately many people were disuaded by government officials, and those that denied these permits are guilty of tyranny and should be expelled from office, by force if necessary.

Perhaps we should start seeing government leaders being expelled by citizens; then perhaps those we select to represent us would do just that.

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3 thoughts on “Shame On The Media

  1. markross

    You nailed it on many fronts! I would like to talk more about The Media bias…

    I have been watching Bill O’Reilly and Fox News since the end of 2001; for years I have heard Bill talk about media bias and the far-left slant, and agendas of certain news organizations.

    He wrote a book about four years ago called The Culture Warrior… I just picked it up, and Bill appears to have been dead on as to what was coming down the pike with the media, government etc. In the first chapter, he even gives a fictitious State of The Union Speech, by a fictitious president, and the year is 2020; it is uncanny. In fact, he wrote that this was one of his main reasons for starting his hugely popular show, The O’Reilly Factor, which just hit 100 consecutive months at number one.

    Fox Cable Network News is beating all of the other major news organizations combined, and that is likely because they still have journalistic integrity; even though “most” of the hosts come slightly from the conservative point of view, they bring in guests from all points of view, and they still believe in hard news. Remember when getting the scoop and facts was of the utmost importance to news organizations? So, it now appears that journalistic integrity is now becoming a thing of the past.

    I did see that CNN report, if we can even call that a report; she asked the man a fair question, then after not getting the answer that she hoped for, she bloviated right over him; it was incredibly biased, however, it spoke volumes about how a lot of these organizations are trying to filter only what their vision of America is, as opposed to what is really happening.

    I hope that CNN will speak to her about that, perhaps even denounce it publicly; otherwise, like MSNBC, they will be exposed for their media bias and may also slip into the abyss.

    I heard Geraldo Rivera (the other day) call this movement a right-winged movement, and I was insulted by that; I am certainly not a right or left winger, rather a very concerned citizen. For the most part, I do like Geraldo, and his reporting, however, he is completely out of touch on the tea party movement.

    I am very unhappy with The Federal government, and that did not start in November; I think that these feelings have just been bottled up by people for too long. Then, instead of coming in and taking a rational approach to our economic problems, as you alluded to, The Federal government is pushing a series of mind boggling spending proposals that appear to be more ideologically based, and opposed to being rational and responsible.

    I think that these bailouts and proposals just pushed people’s already existing anxiety, right over the edge…and here we are with a growing movement of citizens saying…enough!

    If our current government can not get the job done, then we will need to get rid of them, re-visit our roots, and get back to basics, before it is too late.


  2. markross

    And here is the coverage by Susan Roesgen of CNN, then the subsequent discourse with a tea party attendee.

    Regardless of her slanted view about Foxnews, and the fact that CNN has moved a bit to the left, I am wondering if Susan Roesgen really did not understand the entire movement, or was really just (unfairly) trying to discredit the movement and Foxnews.

    As I witnessed when I was at the tea party, there were people from both sides of the political spectrum, and was far from some right winged Foxnews sponsored event, as some would like us to believe :)

    Evidence of this would be to please take note of the sign that says, Republicans **** too.

    Hopefully this rookie reporter will learn to seek out the facts next time, or stop reporting based on what she would like the public to believe. I am not sure which it is.


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