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Senator Shumer Strikes Again

Written by | April 13th, 2009

I would love to thank our esteemed Senator for once again, condescending a “large” amount of America citizens, myself included.

In this short clip, he literally made these two statements about The American people…
“Still believes, you know, traditional values kind of arguments”
“Strong foreign policy”, all that’s over!” 


OK, I just have a few simple questions…

1. Is he from The same United States that I am from?
2. Is he living on the same planet that I am?
3. Is he really an elected, United States official?
4. God help us, does he have jurisdiction over our military?

I am an Independent, not a hard right person, nor do I like or appreciate his labeling, and partisanship comments; these are precisely the type of comments that are dividing our country, and destroying our political system.

I strongly believe in traditional American values…If he does not believe in the great sacrifices that brought this country into being, and has sustained us as a country, then it is beyond me as to why he would want to continue to reside here. I do believe that there are many countries that share his same world view.

Respectfully, he has the same First Amendment Right as a fellow American, as we do, but for Heaven’s sake, can we have a Senator that is not so disdainful toward ex presidents, and values that many Americans hold dear?

Also, does he remember an event called 911? Is he really a NY Senator?

Is he so out of touch that he can not even see how the federal government is failing the people, and the people’s discontent?

Lastly, please take note…he is on MSNBC,  which is a far-left media organization, that (due to their ratings) will soon be off the air, as will Chuck Shumer’s political career, if he continues on with these statements.

Man! He is more out of touch then Marie Antoinette, in pre-revolutionary France.

What has become of The Democratic Party that I use to admire?

Simply unbelievable!

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One thought on “Senator Shumer Strikes Again

  1. markross Post author

    For anyone listening to Senator Shumer, in the first (msnbc) clip, listen to his words carefully.

    He says until The Republican grassroots, pushes their people over…etc. etc.

    So, while he is saying that the president cares for bi-partisanship, it sounds to me (and I could very well be wrong) like he is saying, the hell with opposing points of view; it is our way or the high way.
    I think that he needs to realize that you will never get bi-partisanship when your party’s policies are so extreme, in either direction.

    I realize that President Bush was not perfect, but neither is any president; they make good decisions, and they make bad decisions, but undoubtedly, President Bush, and his administration has kept us safe from any further terrorist attacks.

    Are these politicians today, at all capable of seeing past party lines, and giving “some” credit to where credit is due?

    We are desperately in need of pragmatic and moderate leaders that will adopt common-sense policies from both political philosophies, or we need to simply abolish both parties and start a new party that will respect, protect, and “preserve” our Constitution, and the vision of our founding fathers.

    Let’s think about this for a moment…Over the past eight years, Democrats were screaming that The Bush Administration may be getting too much power; and now, Republicans are screaming that Democrats are assuming too much power. Perhaps, both sides were correct, and both events, whether it is a terrorist attack or an economic meltdown, does not warrant abuses of government power by either side.

    Therefore, if anyone is rational enough to see past their own party, today’s frustrations are not “just” with President Obama and the current administration, these frustrations (and fears) have been accumulating for quite a long time.

    I will once again draw upon history and remind our esteemed (I use that word loosely) leaders that our founders went to great strives to “de-centralize” power from one branch of government, or group of people,  and not for the new party elect to attempt to make an all out power grab, and completely reverse the policies from the previous administration.

    It feels like we are traveling back wards on a roller coaster…For Heaven’s sake, can we get some rational thinkers up there in Congress?

    George Washington “must” be rolling in his grave.

    God help us all!



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