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Senator Shumer On Government Spending

Written by | February 20th, 2009


I am not sure if this is hypocrisy, or being completely out of touch.

This is N.Y. Senator Charles Shumer, speaking out about how the chattering class doesn’t care about these little (spending) additions, tossed in, in the silence of the night, under the radar, and unanced to The American people, whom he so eloquently labeled as the chattering class.

The chattering class? So, are we suppose to be good little citizens, fold our hands, and keep our mouths shut? I think not! We have remained silent for too long! I for one am proud, and excited by the bloggers, and so called chattering class that are demanding reform, and transparency from this government.

I do care about “all” Americans and how their tax dollars are spent; and for the senator to suggest that we do not care, is beyond belief to me.

I have said this, many times, and many ways..
I am yet to meet an employer that does not care about how we treat their money, when entrusted with it.
I think it is time to wake up Chuck; you are employed by “us”, the citizens of this country; we are not employed by you! I am not sure how others felt after watching this clip, but speaking for myself, I was very offended, and found it to be very condescending to all Americans.

It is just beyond belief!

I would also like to thank the senator, because it is comments like that, that cause me to want to chat five times more.

I, for one, will continue to write, until the necessary change takes place, or by some miracle, this government decides to wise up.


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