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Sean Hannity Debates Anthony Weiner Over Taxation

Written by | December 16th, 2010

Below, in this December 14th, Fox News interview, Sean Hannity is debating Congressman Anthony Wiener over taxation in The United States.

In this interview, I agree 100% with Sean. I am beyond tired, and frustrated, with this class-warfare garbage that is coming from the hard-left of our Federal Government!

The United States was founded on the idea of Equal Rights and Equal Protections. And, this quasi-Socialist rhetoric, coming from the left-wing side of our Federal Government, is not only disconcerting, but, potentially, very divisive to The American people!

I pray that all Americans of good faith, will not allow this nonsensical, and irresponsible, rhetoric, to put a wedge between you and your fellow citizens! The only thing that I really hear coming from Congressman Weiner is, we The Federal Government, know better then you commoner peasants in the private sector. This interview really crystallizes the classic debate between Collectivism vs. Individualism.

Nonetheless, most Americans are hardworking, individuals, who believe in maximum freedom! And, I trust that The Anthony Weiners of this country, will not succeed, if they continue on with this nonsense!

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