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Sarah Palin Speaks At The National Tea Party Convention

Written by | February 6th, 2010

On February 6th, 2010, former Governor, Sarah Palin, gives the keynote speech, at The National Tea Party Convention, in Nashville, Tennessee. In general, it was a conservative, well-delivered, and great speech! By in large, Sarah Palin, currently, appeals mostly to conservative citizens, in The United States; however, I do believe, as more people become disillusioned by the current disarray in Washington, D.C., and the ill-fated direction that the current President, and majority in Congress, are leading us toward, the more people will begin to tune into Sarah Palin, and other such political conservatives… hopefully, realizing, they are trying to restore us to The United States that was once great and prosperous, through free-market/entrepreneurial solutions, and a firm reliance on the (Constitution) wisdom of the great men who founded our country, and set this great country in motion.

Incidentally, today would have been former President, Ronald Reagan’s 99th birthday; it is great to see his wisdom, and legacy, is being carried on, by people such as Sarah Palin… 

Great speech Governor!

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