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Reciprocation, Is It Natural…?

Written by | January 17th, 2009

If you have done something for someone; especially a number of times over; is it natural to desire (even expect) some level of reciprocation?


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4 thoughts on “Reciprocation, Is It Natural…?

  1. KEB

    Yes, but I have learned that expectation of reciprocation gives rise to disappointment and resentment. I try to keep from expecting reciprical actions. It keeps my sanity in order.

  2. markross Post author

    Wow! At first, I thought that I wrote that. LOL

    I agree fully; the lessor the expectations, the lessor the chances of disappointment.

    So, is there a point to where you would say, OK, I have helped this person, over and over, however, they have failed to help me when I needed them?


  3. markross Post author

    LdyBelle, I agree with your assessment as well; if I have done many things for someone, and they never have time to do for me, then I will certainly have to draw a line, at some point. The Bible says to love your neighbor "as yourself", not more than yourself.

    I definitely do believe that there is some level of expectation that a person that you have helped, would also help you in a time of need. However, there are times to where I have been there more for a particular person, because they had a greater need, and vice verse.

    Where me and K agree, is that if you continually have expectations from a person (s), then you are also setting yourself up to be disappointed. Perhaps that is why people in business have contracts; this way, each level of service is defined and there are no "false" expectations from the other.  : )


  4. LdyBelle

    To me, the answer is yes..  It’s like the saying, “Do onto others as you would do onto you”   It’s not necessarily the act of helping or giving but how you treat someone is key..    After a while of “giving” yourself, in whatever means, to someone and it goes unappreciated or not reciprocated, then it comes to a point when to stop.  No more.   Life is give and take, not just one sided.. 

    With that being said, however, I will say that there are some genuine people out there that are above this sort of thing and they have hearts of gold for they know of a greater joy …  They are truly angels and will be reciprocated in ways beyond the imagination..  All in their due time…   I am not one of them *wink* but certainly should strive to be…  


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