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President Obama…Fiscal Responsibility Summit?

Written by | February 24th, 2009
For the sake of fairness, I was, and still am totally (and skeptically) against the infusion of money that President Bush allowed to go into these banks, with tax payer dollars; in my opinion, it was one of President Bush’s two biggest mistakes, as our president.

So, after that decision by President Bush, Pandora’s box was effectively opened; however, our new president, and The Congress certainly could have put the brakes on, stepped back, and re-thought this entire bailout disaster, and so-called stimulus package.

However, instead of rationalizing it, they affectively double downed on the tax payer money that President Bush allowed to be spent. Now, after spending more tax payer money then ever, in the history of this country; money greater then the entire economy of many countries; President Obama is going to start preaching about fiscal responsibility?

Alrighty then!

And, how does the president plan to knock down the national debt as much as he is claiming? Could it potentially be by raising our taxes? Hmmm, if so, that would be very interesting to see the reaction on the faces of American citizens.

So, against the will of approximately 50% of The American citizens, our government still spent an unprecedented amount of tax payer dollars, and they are “not” done yet. I can not even begin to imagine the reaction, if the government comes back to us, to help pay for their irresponsibility; not to mention the hyper-inflation that “may” occur as a result of this madness.

Perhaps the government should finish this “Fiscal Irresponsibility Summit” first, before convening another summit.

You know, tonight, I think I will go out, eat two gallows of ice cream, loaded with hot fudge; then in the morning, I will go preach to people about cutting calories.

Simply beyond belief!

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