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President Obama Changes His Mind In Regards To The Former U.S. Administration

Written by | April 25th, 2009
 Well, thankfully, President Obama has changed his mind (for now) on going after the former Bush Administration, however, there are others such as Nancy Pelosi that seem hell bent on pursuing this. 

From my point of view, and from the point of view of many that I have spoken to, the president really stepped over the line, by allowing classified information on techniques used against enemies of America, to be released into the public domain. Many of us feel as though the president has seriously compromised our national security, and quite possibly aided the enemies of this country by doing so.

It is beyond me how “some” of these politicians are trying to pursue these political witch hunts, when in fact, they too (in the past) have given their OK to using these very techniques.

Although the president is trying to backtrack, I am sorry to say that Pandora’s box is now open, and he has caused a very bad political firestorm (and possible backlash), for this country.

With every thing that is going on with our economy, and with “real” international threats in the world, this is the very last thing that this nation needs.

Also, now that President Obama (in my opinion) has sold us out, I believe that it is incumbent upon him to release further information that shows how these techniques dwarfed further serious terrorists attacks.

Here is a quote from a RealClearPolitics article…

“The release of the memoranda means that we are unlikely ever again to get valuable information from terror suspects, because now our enemies know the precise lengths to which our interrogators are willing to go to coerce information, and that those limits stop well short of actually causing the terror suspect injury”.
 In other words, these coercive techniques “do not” rise to the “defined” level of torture, and now that the terrorists (that may be), seeking harm against our country, know this, and all of the techniques used, they can now begin to train their recruits accordingly.  
I would like to personally thank our president for his great wisdom! I hope that his political base is now happy! This is yet another example of how politics, and our so-called leaders, can be as dangerous as the enemies themselves. 
I am beginning to envision the ancient tale of The Trojan Horse
Please listen closely to his analogy in regards to ex presidents; I could not have said it any better myself.Indeed, war is hell! And losing a war “would” be even more hell. 

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