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President Obama And The Former U.S. Administration

Written by | April 22nd, 2009

Well, sadly, it looks like the gloves are off!

Perhaps I am taking the unpopular point of view here, however, I am one that believes that President Bush made very difficult decisions in order to keep “all” of us safe after September 11th.

Now, we do not need a mathematician to tell us that there has not been another terrorist attack on American soil since September 11th.

For the current president to allow an ex president, administration officials, or personnel from The CIA to possibly be tried for methods used on behalf of our national security, then I am gravely concerned that he is setting up a very dangerous precedent for his administration and for future administrations to come.

If this goes forward, then our CIA, military personnel, current and future leaders, may all be afraid to make any future moves on behalf of our national security, in fears that they too may be hauled into a hearing and put on trial. If this was the way of doing business in this country, like some third world country, then certainly presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman all would have been put on trial for exercising their executive powers as President of The United States, in times of national crisis.

So, once again, I agree with Bill (below)…President Obama is walking a slippery slope here, and this past week, the president was meeting “personally” with leaders that “do not” like us, or what this country stands for.

Therefore, my belief is, if we get hit by terrorists again, on American soil, as a result of these political games, then President Obama’s presidency will be, and likely should be, in effect “over”; as most of the country will hold him, and his “seemingly” naive policies responsible.

And how does he explain this to the families of victims of September 11th, that stood behind president Bush in seeking retribution for their loses?  In my opinion, this is another example of putting politics above the overall good of the country. From a political perspective, I think that President Obama is committing political suicide if he continues on this treacherous path, as a great majority of people will be deeply offended.

I do not believe that any president is above the law, however, we can certainly look into the methods that were used, and seek some solid and reasonable methods going forward, while forgetting about any sort of political witch hunts.

As a sovereign nation, we “must” put our national security above worldwide perception.

And let’s be honest, if one of these terrorists got their hands on one of us, I can assure you that they will not likely hand us a Lazy Boy chair and cold glass of Lemonade.

And here is Bill O’Reilly on this…


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One thought on “President Obama And The Former U.S. Administration

  1. markross Post author

    Let’s do some simple math here…
    President Obama is releasing suspected and known terrorists from Gitmo without first having a new place for them to go; then on the flip side, they want to bring the ones that were fighting the war on terrorism to trial?

    OK, this sounds like a great policy on behalf of our national security.

    And what is next? American citizens will be asked to provide quarters for The Gitmo detainees?

    As far as I am concerned, this should not be about politics, this is about “our” National security.


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