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Political Parties Are A Smoke Screen

Written by | April 28th, 2012

In George Washington’s 1796, Farewell Address to the people of The United States, he warned the country of the dangers of forming political parties in the union. Unfortunately, President Washington’s wisdom, and advice, was not followed; and, as a result, we have this current [Party] system of ours.

I, like many others, would like nothing more then a Federal Government who is confined to their Limited Constitutional Powers, and according to the original intent of our Founders; but, our only hope, in my humble opinion, to getting back to a Constitutionally Limited Federal Government, is to get rid of this red-herring of parties, and hold every individual who runs for office, to the same Constitutional standards.

In the end, all parties are basically a smoke screen; a mirage; a facade, and a store-front. They only serve to divide our country, based on false promises, and with an arrogance, that allows them to far exceed the powers that were Constitutionally given to them, by our Founders, and through the subsequent Amendments to our Constitution.

Unfortunately, the party elites want us to believe that we must be party sheep, in order to have any sort of Government. If that were the case, then The Constitution would have included parties – which it did not. I have long believed that, it is much easier to remove a few bad apples from office, then an entire, corrupt party; and, therefore, the best answer, in my opinion, is to be non-affiliated with parties, and make them chase after our votes, rather then this current system, in which they expect us to line up, like sheep, and vote for who they tell us, at the respective GOP, and Democrat, slaughterhouses!

People truly believe, through these parties, if they can get enough members, money, and votes, that they can push their vision, their values, and their beliefs, onto the entire country; which is why parties are far closer to a Democracy, then the original intent of our Founders – which was a Constitutional Republic, where all members of The Federal Government were to be restrained to certain spheres and Powers, and the people of this country could decide what kind of local Governance they would like to have in their respective states.

I realize that most people who read this will say, “but, but, but….,” but as long as there are parties, I truly believe, there is no hope for returning to a Constitutional Government. Parties, in my humble opinion, were the beginning of the end for our Republic.

While I don’t doubt the sincerity of some parties, like The Constitution Party, The Libertarian Party etc, in the end, I truly believe that parties will only perpetuate the problems we face, as opposed to taking us back in the direction of a Constitutional Republic.

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4 thoughts on “Political Parties Are A Smoke Screen

  1. markross Post author

    As Thomas Jefferson, astutely said, in The Kentucky Resolutions of 1798: “In questions of powers, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” We need only to apply the same reasoning to these Parties!

  2. markross Post author

    No longer, am I going to delude myself into believing, because someone is a member of some party, that, they will govern according to some stated platform. Which is why it is imperative that we know their voting records.

    Because we, the sheeple, for years, have been led to believe that we must vote Republican or Democrat, we have ended up in a race to the bottom, politically, so-to-speak. Therefore, if there must be Parties, then, going forward, I am inclined to vote for people from The Republican Party, The Libertarian Party, and The Constitution Party. As we know, competition brings improvement; therefore, let all of these parties COMPETE FOR OUR VOTES!

  3. Jackie Durkee

    As you know I’m registered as a Republican, but that is only because I mostly vote for the Republican ticket – but most of the time that person is really not someone I agree with or who upholds the Constitution any more than the other person. It is really frustrating these days in the United States because of the party system. I voted for Ron Paul in the primary, even though I knew he doesn’t have a chance in hell to win the republican ticket, because my conscience tells me to vote for the person who would best represent the Constitution of the United States.  If I was registered as an Independent in Louisiana, I would not have been able to vote in the Republican primary thus giving my vote for Ron Paul. That is the only reason I am registered as a Republican instead of an Independent.

    Now coming is the general election. If Romney wins the Republican ticket which I know he probably will, then I’ll be in a delimma. Vote for Obama which I would never do in a million years, or vote for Romney who isn’t much better, vote for someone on a third ticket, or don’t vote at all??? I am NOT looking forward to November at all. It is just so depressing trying to figure all of this out.

    Great article – thanks for sharing it with us.


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