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Please Support The Tenth Amendment Center!

Written by | July 13th, 2013

Today, I received an e-mail, written by The Founder of The Tenth Amendment Center, Michael Boldin, stating the following:

“I really didn’t want to send you this email, and am not really good at beating around the bush, so I’m going to get right to it.

Our opposition – the ones working every single day to attack and destroy the Constitution and your liberty – would like nothing more than to see the Tenth Amendment Center closed for good. If I can’t get some help – and fast – they’re going to get their wish.


In TAC’s 7 years, we’ve built a national movement of resistance to their plans, and it’s growing day by day. Even the Associated Press had to take note recently, pointing out that now 4/5 of the states are taking steps to nullify federal acts. This is unprecedented in American history.

But we’re out of cash. We just can’t afford to keep it going. Period. Without some help – right now – we’re going to start fizzling out.”

Simply put: We can not let The Tenth Amendment Center go under! This is one of the greatest organizations, fighting BIG GOVERNMENT, and for our Individual Liberties! The Tenth Amendment Center is, and has been, a great source for American and Constitutional history; as well as a powerful political movement, for the cause of States Rights, and Federal Nullification.

Please consider making a small donation, to help keep The Tenth Amendment Center in the game! Please click here to donate.

Thank you very much!

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