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Obama In 2004

Written by | November 16th, 2008
Aren’t politicians great? This is Barack Obama, in 2004.
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2 thoughts on “Obama In 2004

  1. resqr1968

    I have seen most candidates say the same thing. Perhaps we the people should read that as a 'yes' at this point when it's heard as so many do it. I also do not believe that there is anything wrong with it. I change my mind all the time. Like with my dream of my own business. Right now, I say 'No', but my hope is that one day, I will have the support & confidence to throw my high heels into the ring & go for my business dream.

    I guess since I know why I personally say no to a future aspiration, helps me understand the humility I see in these statements. I am not ready for it & do not wish to waste anyone's time or attention on doing something I am uncertain will have a real chance at success-at this moment in time. However, I could wake up tomorrow & say…..'$cr&w it, I'm going for it' & be off on the journey. That isn't wrong is it?

  2. markross Post author


    I can certainly understand and even relate to your decisions, as it relates to starting a business, however, with politicians, it is often not a hesitancy, but rather a political decision to deceive people, or their future opponents.

    In all fairness, I'm sure that there are those politicians who simply are not sure.



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