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“Nullification: any act, or set of actions, that results in a particular law being rendered null, void or even just unenforceable within a particular area. So, for example, when a state passes a resolution denouncing a particular federal law, it is not nullifying that law on its own. Or, when a state or local government passes a law refusing to comply with a federal act, they haven’t nullified that law…yet. Or, even when a state or local government passes a law that includes criminal sanctions for federal agents trying to enforce a particular federal act in the area – the law may still not be nullified. What? You see, it’s less about the legislation and more about the results. So, on the other hand, when three-dozen states pass non-binding resolutions denouncing a federal act, swaying public opinion so strongly that the federal government simply stops enforcing the law – it has been nullified.”

Nullification Objections: Dismantling the Opposition