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McCain Started Out In The Center

Written by | October 26th, 2008

I had two thoughts that I have not really heard being raised, at all, during this campaign, directly related to McCain.

1. John McCain does have a record of reform and crossing part lines, which is very appealing to Independents like myself .

However, from the get go, The Republican party screamed and hollered that McCain was NOT a good choice for the conservative movement. As a result, McCain pandered hard  (in my opinion) to The Republican base, which in effect, pushed him further from the center and more to the right.

Now, those same people are screaming for McCain to win, when in fact, they were integral to hand cuffing him, from the onset, instead of letting him be the man he truly is/was.

Now those same people may have hurt themselves as Obama may very well be their next president.

2. I can not help but wonder what effect it would have had “if” McCain would have pulled a Lieberman and registered himself as an Independent, which in effect, would have separated him from a lot of the un popular Republican policies over the last 8 years, while keeping himself firmly distanced from the policies of The Democrats.

If McCain is truly that moderate, then why does he not move to an Independent?
I think it would have been a great move for him, politically, and frankly, for the whole country.

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4 thoughts on “McCain Started Out In The Center

  1. KEB

    While that might be personally a good thing to do, politically it would not be. You must understand that we would have to have a serious contender for an independent or “third party” candidate to be elected.

    In our society there have been a few inroads made with regards to other political parties, but the vast majority of people still identify with one party or the other. It seems we still don’t have enough “free thinkers” to be able to make objective decisions without basing them on preconceived notions about what a person stands for. There is also the added issue of people want to be part of a winning team, and third party candidates don’t meet that criteria.

    Perhaps in the future things will change.

  2. markross Post author

    I agree with you. However, how did Abraham Lincoln break that barrier and form The Republican Party?

    As a Democrat, Lieberman was loosing his seat, then he switched to Independent and won. He is living proof that it can be done.

    What haven’t we seen in this election?

    You are right, there are not enough free thinkers, a lot of people need to feel included; too many are just programmed to receive.

    We don’t need anymore of this feel good talk, we need reform, total flipping reform.

    The system is failing us and it is still politics as usual, in DC.

  3. LdyBelle

    Lieberman isn't a true Independent.. You can say he was forced to choose that route from being "kicked" out of his party per se.. He did what he needed to do to get re-elected and more power to him for proving his "old" party wrong..

    I do agree that reform is needed and the current political system needs an upheaval of sorts…

    Whomever gets elected, whether it be Obama or McCain, either would need to do some proving that they were indeed the right choice – or it will be a very short four years for them…

    I too, am tired of a corrupt system and in dire need of some fresh ideas and the ability to get things done and to make this a great country, once again..

  4. markross Post author

    You are right AGAIN! :)

    Lieberman was a life long Democrat and he would not likely not have made the move, had he won his constituency as a Democrat.

    However, as a life long Democrat, I can understand Joe’s disappointment with The Democratic Party over the last six or seven years; The party is really not the same. Like myself, Joe was always a centralist, therefore, it was not that surprising to see him switch, as The Democratic Party seems to be increasingly going further left; in my opinion, very borderline.

    Lieberman’s decision actually helped me to make the move into Independent as I can no longer relate to either of the two parties, fundamentally, these days.

    Whether or not we want to all voice it, I think that we all agree (as Americans) that they have all let us down, and it is a combination of failed policies on both sides. To that extent, I agree that the next president will not make it past 4 years if some real change is not instituted.

    In fact, I wish we could have a vote of non-confidence in this country, in case they do not produce. They do have that in some European countries, only I wish that we the people had that vote, here in The US., (scroll down to presidential systems)



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