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Libertarian Versus Conservative

Written by | June 13th, 2010

On June 12, 2010, Judge Andrew Napolitano launched his new show, Freedom Watch, on The Fox Business Network. On this show, I really appreciated this (below) discussion between The Judge, Congressman Ron Paul (Libertarian), and Sarah Palin (Conservative). I happen to really admire The Judge, Congressman Paul, and Sarah Palin, for their beliefs in our founding values, and our Constitution, as written, and understood, by our founders.

Due to the increasing size and scope of our Federal Government, and the increasing far-left agendas of The Obama Administration, there is no doubt, that even people who previously identified themselves as Conservatives, have increasingly moved further right, to a more Libertarian point of view. It is doubtful that our country could ever go back to a completely Libertarian state, as in the days of our founders, but it is great to see such a Constitutional awakening in our country, and a desire to move closer and closer to our founding values, and The Constitutional principles that made us such a great country, for so many years.

I have often said, “if a plant loses it’s roots,” then the plant could never survive. Conversely, if a country is too far removed from it’s foundation, then God only knows where it could lead. Sadly, the many problems that we are currently experiencing in The United States, is greatly due to the lack of prudence to our Constitution, by our Federal Government, over the last 100 or so years.

Please listen to this insightful and informative discussion:

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One thought on “Libertarian Versus Conservative

  1. Barbara Ann

    It WAS a great program and I look forward to future programs presented by Judge Napolitano. It is so exciting to see more and more emphasis on our Constitution and the interest in learning and adhering to this very pertinent, historic and inspirational document.


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