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Kudos To President Obama

Written by | March 30th, 2009

So far, while I do not see much that I agree (at least in regards to his approach) with the president about, on domestic policies, I am very pleased that he is taking a strong stance on terrorism.

As I understand it, he is going to “responsibly” wean the troops out of Iraq, and build up the military presence in Afghanistan.

Another thing that I have “always” been against was the idea of nation building, and they seem to be moving away from nation building, and getting back to basics, which is to fight these terrorists that perpetuated the attacks of 911.

Listen, not many people (that I know of) like war; war is very ugly, and I wish we did not have to be wrapped up in “any” foreign affairs, however, we did not ask for two airplanes to come flying into two skyscrapers in NYC, killing over 2000 people, and we should not send a message to countries that we are weak, and  that they can get away with such horrific acts.

The war in Afghanistan may not be a war that can officially be won, in the traditional sense, however, it is our duty to see that these terrorists are brought to their knees, and brought to justice.

I hope that other countries will continue to join us on our original “war on terrorism”, against Al Queada, and other radical groups (in Afghanistan) that seek to harm innocent people with their cowardly acts.

Many countries, including India, Spain and England have been attacked by these terrorists, and free people should not be held captive by these cowards.

So for this stance on terrorism, I say Kudos to President Obama; on this policy, I am behind him 150%.


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2 thoughts on “Kudos To President Obama

  1. markross Post author

    Today, snipers took out those pirates (on the president’s orders) that were holding the captain of The Maersk Ship…so for giving the orders to kill these lawless cockroaches, I would again like to say, Kudos to President Obama.

    We need to show these terrorists that we are not screwing around!



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