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It’s Not About Their Vision Or Values

Written by | January 22nd, 2012

Every two years, when there are national elections in The United States, inevitably, we hear pundits ask these types of questions: What vision do they have for our country? What direction do they want to lead our country? What values do they hold?

While such things may appeal to the sensibilities of voters, and are a clever way for politicians to win our votes, I often take exception to these sorts of questions:

In our Federal Constitution, The framers gave The United States Congress 16 explicit, and Enumerated Powers, to which they could legislate. And, since then, there has been 27 subsequent Amendments. Nowhere in our Constitution is it written that anyone in our Federal Government shall have the power to legislate the values or morals of each “individual” in this union of “sovereign states.”

By no means, am I suggesting that values are not important. The values we hold, are a core part of who we are, and of our very existence.  However, each of us has our own set of values, our own morals, and our own faiths. The Founders also made We The People the sovereigns in this Federalist system of ours, and outside of the Limited and Defined, Constitutional Powers, that We The People have given to our Federal Government, all other things should be left to our respective states, or to us, as sovereign individuals.

Therefore, in my humble opinion, the above questions should be answered as such:
The vision, and direction of our “Federal Government,” should always be moving in the direction that our Federal Constitution, “explicitly,” calls for; which is the formula that made this country great from it’s inception. Period!

Regardless if I share the same values, or faith, as a person running for office, I still expect them to uphold the very document that they have taken an oath to; and let us, the people of this great country, decide how we should best govern “our own lives!”

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2 thoughts on “It’s Not About Their Vision Or Values

  1. Jackie Durkee

    So TRUE, so TRUE! It grates on my nerves when a candidate flaunts around talking about their values or their religious beliefs. As a Christian and a Catholic, I don’t care what religious beliefs or values the candidates holds. I, like you, just want to know if they have read, understand, and will work hard to enforce the Constitution of the United States. I want to see them take steps to enforce that Congress strictly follows the enumerated powers contained in that document. I want to see them enforce the limits on the Executive branch and the Judicial branch to make sure they are not making laws which belongs only to the Legislative branch and the states. There is so much more, but I’ll stop there.

  2. markross Post author

    Amen Jackie! I agree 150% with you! If The Federal Government respected The Constitution, and legislated only within their spheres, and Powers, ALL of our Liberties would be far more safe! Their job is to keep us FREE, so that we can pursue of faiths, and live according to our values. We don’t need these BIG GOVERNMENT statists, in either party, pushing their values down our throats. That only causes division, and the further loss of Liberty.


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