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Is The Obama Administration And The Far-Left Agenda Collapsing?

Written by | July 21st, 2009

For quite some time, I have felt that this administration would not be able to succeed with their big spending, over-ambitious, and  far-left leaning agendas…

Over and over, polls show that this country, in general, is a center to right country; which means, most of us would like just to have responsible, commonsense and prudent governance.

I think that the people on the far-left, and on the far-right, are in the minorities; and these are the people that I often have trouble dealing with, because they are just too stuck in their own (world views) ideologies, that it is hard for them to bend or compromise with anything; and this is precisely what we are seeing with The Obama administration not bending and compromising with The Republican Party, and some of their very good ideas on health care reform and other legislation.

I have noticed, when the government goes too far left, there tends to be push back, and the moderate people move right; and vice versa, when the the government goes too far right, it seems that moderate people move further left.

Perhaps this would explain why I had (have) an intuitive sense that Pelosi, Reid and Obama will not succeed; even though (in my opinion) they are severely hurting our economy, their agendas will not fly with The American people; because, as a whole, we are mostly moderate and conservative people who appreciate our founding principals, and our freedoms, such as entrepreneurship and Capitalism.

I would go as far as saying, if we had no political parties, as our founders intended, the body of Congress would be mostly rational and moderately conservative people; and we would not have to go on a roller-coaster ride every 4 to 8 years. If I had my way, we’d resolve to having no parties; then we could focus on policies that help advance this country, as opposed to incessant party line battles.

Please see Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Point Memos (below) on the proposed government sponsored health care plan, President Obama, and the the far-left agenda in general.

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6 thoughts on “Is The Obama Administration And The Far-Left Agenda Collapsing?

  1. markross Post author

    Here is Bill O'Reilly on the government's proposed sponsored health care plan, and the the far-left agenda…

    Here is Bill O'Reilly on the government's proposed sponsored health care plan, and the the far-left agenda…

  2. markross Post author

    I don’t disagree with Bill that there does need to be some responsible regulations and over site in industry, but the problem with our government, in its current state, is that they have proven that they can not be trusted to be responsible and trust-worthy overseers on matters that effect critical parts of lives; as profoundly evidenced by Barney Frank with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    So, sadly, not only can we not trust them with creating new legislation that involves a lot of tax-payer money, but we can not even trust them with current programs and policies that are already in effect. It is certainly not a comfortable place to be, as a nation, but it is what it is. I think it is incumbent upon our government to create a new contract with the American people, and slowly begin to regain our trust; and “not” continue on this ever increasing path into the abyss.

  3. markross Post author

    There is something else going on that is also worth mentioning: it is one thing for a politician or the majority party to go a bit to the left or a bit to the right; but again, when either party starts governing for too long, on either extreme, then there is going to be a natural response to resist from a large portion of the country.

    In this case, this far-left majority is trying to take on legislation that will effect us all; which is health care and large spending policies. Health care and finances effect all Americans; no one is exempt; therefore, it is natural for all people, from all parties, to have a higher level of anxiety with these policies; thus causing a great majority of voters to give pause to this president and this far-left majority Congress.

    Recently, a senator referred to this health care plan, in its current state, as Barack Obama's Waterloo; while that may sound a bit harsh, it is not far-fetched by any means. This president and Congress seem to be playing an all or nothing game with two of the things that matter the most to all United States citizens; that is their finances and their health care.

  4. markross Post author

    Our founders gave us the right to freedom of press for several reasons; most importantly, to bring honest information to the citizens, without fear of repercussions by the government.

    I am very thankful that there are still a handful of honest news networks left in our country.

    However, it appears that The Obama Administration "may be" declaring war on The Foxnews Network.

    Here is Bill O'Reilly on this subject…

  5. markross Post author

    Bill's analysis, as The Obama administration "seems" to be backing off the public sector option for national health care, and President Obama's ability (or lack of) to govern in general.

    This news comes while our so-called representatives have been getting incessantly hammered, at town hall meetings, by their constituents, over this proposed government take over of national health care.


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