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Is President Obama Losing Power?

Written by | January 20th, 2010

Well, here we are, one year to the day, of President Barack Obama’s inauguration. And as many of us predicted, because of The President’s liberal policies, and failure to adjust to a country that, by in large, is a center to right country, the president appears to be losing a lot of political capital, and is increasingly losing the support of the people.

In my opinion, it is sad, because the president seems to (usually) be a likable man, who clearly is very smart, and a very good orator; however, these attributes are only one part of the equation, and can not, and will not, be permitted to trump our fiscal, and national security. It is yet to be seen, if the president will get more in step with the citizens of The United States.

Please listen to Bill O’Reilly’s analysis… I believe he is spot on!

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