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Is It Time For A New Political Party?

Written by | April 8th, 2009

In a time when people are simply attempting to survive job losses and economic challenges, I am reminded of how our country was founded and what turn of events transpired to bring about the greatest experiment in self governance that has ever been conceived. To fully appreciate how far we have moved away from the original designs of our founding documents, we must first understand where it is that our country came from. In particular we should look at the personal aspirations of the brave souls who fought against all odds to not only come to this new land, but then to battle the tyranny of government to overcome hardships that we dare not imagine.

The history of the United States is mired with many tragic events, popular and unpopular political leaders and outspoken critics of government. Certainly there are no shortages of those types of folks today, however there is a key difference in the political leaders of history and those of today. The missing ingredient in this writers eyes is honor. Many, and dare I say most, of our political leaders lack honor. I am not just talking about honor in the classical sense, but rather an honor that is so deep that it is espoused as a permanent and integral part of their essence. This honor is of the highest magnitude, it surpases doing what is right because it is right and it holds a stronger bond than any familial blood line. This honor is about doing what is right because not doing it would grate so harshly against your inner core that you would rather suffer immeasurable harm than be dishonorable.

Too often our political leaders look at holding office as a power grab, a golden parachute or to fulfil an internal desire to be famous. Whatever the reasons may be, it is seldom that we find true statesmen. Who do we have, or have we had in our midst in the last 20 years that would begin to measure up against the bar set so high by those such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams. Certainly they exist, but unfortunately they are very rare. The political climate of today instead reflects the poor quality of self deserving politicos who would rather do what is expedient for the purposes at hand and forgo doing that which is right.

The interesting thing here is that it stems not from politicians, but rather the citizens of this once great country who vote them into office because their personal needs would be better served by a politicial buying votes as opposed to one doing what is right and honorable. Of course we must not forget those who do not vote, as an abstained vote is the same as a vote against the trailing candidate. But then this isn’t a lesson on why you should vote, but rather why it is important that we maintain the utmost respect for an institution that trancends individual desires.

In the current climate, our government does so much more than was originally intended by our founding fathers. We build roads and bridges, conduct scientific experimentation, feed those who can’t or won’t feed themselves, house the homeless, and now we run businesses that the business people obviously don’t know how to run. What seems to be lacking though, is the single most important aspect of what government is designed and required to do, and that is to provide for the common defense of the individual states. Sure we have a military, but in recent times our government leaders, all of whom have taken an oath to defend and protect the Constitution and the Citizens of these United States, have abandoned perhaps the most important dictate of the Constitution. Our military has been derided, chastized, demoralized, demonized and apologized for. Our defense budgets have been cut and the safety of our country has been put into jeopardy because of this failure.

But you might be wondering where honor comes into the picture, or you might have already seen it, and it requires no further explanation. If you are among the latter group, then I applaud your sensibilities and hope that the future of our country rests in your capable hands, however, if you are still unsure as to how honor works into the bigger picture, I urge you to start reading as much as possible on how and especially why this country was founded. The Boston Tea Party has become symbolic in nature, and while we applaud and cheer those who defied the crown and under stealth of night dumped 342 chests of tea into the harbor, under the political winds of today’s society, we would imprison the offenders for a dozen years or more. While the threat of imprisonment or worse must have been on the minds of those 100 or so men who protested unfair taxation through a criminal act, they took the road with a higher moral ground and did what was right. The end result was the freedom that this country enjoyed for 232 years. Unfortunately, in November 2009, the politicians finally succeeded in killing what they could not in 1775.

Our country has been pillaged for the few in power and the masses have been enslaved by the government through the enabling nature of massive treasury gifts to those who could care about neither liberty nor freedom. Perhaps it is time to stage a politician party in the vein of events as was staged so long ago on December 16, 1773, if we could find but 435 people who hold honor above all else.

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7 thoughts on “Is It Time For A New Political Party?

  1. markross

    Great post! I enjoyed it very much!
    You hit the nail right on the head!

    The one word answer is yes, we are in need of a new party for sure; sadly, both parties are broken and flawed; Although, philosophically, both parties have something good to offer, it is their incessant bi-partisanship, and stagnation that is frustrating the hell out of the people.

    As you said, this problem did not start recently, it has been festering for many years; this bailout mania started under The Bush admin, and has been accelerated by the current administration; certainly, there is much blame to go around, however, I do believe that the people are tired of the blame and just want change. Not change we can believe in, but change we can rely on.

    Back then, it was taxation without representation, and now it is taxation with very little representation. The people will be heard on tax day, as they were in 1773.

    You certainly nailed it! In the course of human events, there is a time to where morality does supersede the laws of the land; when the status quo is no longer working, then change is without a doubt, in order.

    I pray that it will be through a peaceful campaign.


  2. markross

    Agreed! However, the hope that we can believe in, must be more then a slogan, or a mantra; it must be an "absolute" commitment to the American people, and not be a "radical" change that we are all frightened of.

    I would love to see 435 moderate, and "new" statesman that are all of the same party, and the only thing that can divide them is policy differences, and not bi-partisanship garbage.

    Also, "out" with the special interest groups! They "must" be eliminated and illegal; perhaps there can be a non-monetary way of petitioning the government, without the promise of favors, votes and monetary gain.


  3. KEB Post author

    I think you missed part of my post. The "political party" we need is one just like the "tea party", except instead of throwing tea into the Boston Harbor, we need to line up politicians and toss them in, if in nothing more than effigy.

  4. markross

    Oh Dam! I did miss that! I apologize. : )

    Well, if an effigy does not make the necessary change, then perhaps the effigy will evolve into a eulogy. 

    Let's pray it doesn't.


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