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Iran Has A Nuclear Weapons Program

Written by | September 25th, 2009

Well, sadly, it looks like history is repeating itself:

Prior to The War in Iraq, our intelligence community was making a case that the Iraqi government was proliferating nuclear weapons, and were willing to use them against The United States and our allie’s interests; we now know the outcome of that situation.

Today, it is in Iran; and while The United States and it’s allies have been suspicious for quite sometime about Iran and their nuclear weapons program, it seems as though the reality is now coming to fruition.

With the heated and inflammatory rhetoric that Iran’s so-called president Ahmadinejad incessantly cast toward Israel and The Jewish people, it puts Israel, in particular, in a very precarious situation. And let’s make no mistake about it, if Israel is forced to act, militarily, against Iran and it’s nuclear program, there is a great chance that it will galvanize the anti-Israeli and American sentiment, which may likely cause many more years of heated battles, among several nations.

So the stakes are high; but to allow a rogue government that persistently denies the historic truth of the holocaust, and persistently talks about wanting to annihilate all of The Jews (or any group of people), is not a government that can be trusted with having such weapons.

At The G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on September 25th, President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy all issued direct statements to Iran. I was very glad to hear our president and our allies beginning to at last delineate some boundaries with Iran. I believe we should be praying for their wisdom, and the wisdom of our military leaders in confronting Iran.

Please listen to Bill O’Reilly’s analysis on the situation:

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