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If One Stands Up For Our Constitution

Written by | October 2nd, 2011

Sadly, once again, we are seeing, how, if fellow Americans stand up for OUR Constitution, and question the powers being exercised by our President, and Federal Government, in general, the BIG GOVERNMENT crowd automatically want to assume that you are defending the actions of  people like Al-Awlaki; which is an utterly ludicrous, and divisive, assertion! If anything is true, both The Republicans and Democrats, largely, have proven, when it comes to war, declared or not, they are NO friend to our Constitution, and are more then happy to give our Presidents unlimited and arbitrary wartime powers. History has given us more then enough examples to know, how this is a real slippery-slope; and, again, why our Founders limited our Federal Government, even (if not especially) in wartime.

When our Federal Government put these TSA people in our airports, it began to wake many Americans up to the reality that, even though we still have serious potential threats against our country, that, our Federal Government is slowly trampling all over our Freedoms and Constitutional rights.

Today, The CIA, to my knowledge, is still only allowed to operate on foreign soil; but, let’s suppose that, one of these days, Congress makes a law that allows The CIA to assassinate American citizens “suspected” of terrorism, on U.S. soil; and, if necessary, to launch predator drones. I wonder then, if the BIG GOVERNMENT enablers would be singing a different tune?

As long as we Americans remain fearful, and allow that fear to further empower our Federal Government, well beyond their Constitutional Powers, then, we will one day be asking, “who will protect us from our own Government”?

GOD help us!

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6 thoughts on “If One Stands Up For Our Constitution

  1. Tom Fleres

    So very true. Just because we most likely assassinated a very bad person, doesn’t make the act itself just. The Constitution gives all persons a right to judicial review. With all of the illegal war powers we have given our king…pardon me our president, he is judge and jury. What kind of justice is that? None at all.

    Unfortunately the power elite, both Democrats and Republicans, are repeating the lie that somehow assassinations and all these wars in the Middle East are legal within the Constitution. Just last night a Washington. D.C. lawyer, or so he claims, tweeted me stating that if the president declares someone an ‘enemy combatant’, he has every right to assassinate that individual. As I and another Constitutionalist took issue with his conclusion, he became condescending; essentially telling us to get a law degree before we start debating this issue. In other words, unless you have a law degree, sit down and shut up!

    Sad to say, these views from the power elite are the only views most of America will get to hear, since the major media as a whole (with the exception of the likes of Judge Napolitano) continue to repeat this lie. The difficult situation with this issue is that the general population is understandably reacting on emotion that there is very likely one less power player in the terrorist world. What we need to communicate to the populace is that ‘Yes, there are indeed very bad people in the world, but don’t forget there are and have been very bad governments throughout history that wasted no time executing anyone who spoke out against that government (Russia, China, Nazi Germany, …) Sadly the list goes on.

    The populace needs to be aware that both the Congress and Judicial Branch are being bypassed on all of these decisions of war, which is a very dangerous precedent. King Obama, yes King, is judge and jury. Sad to say, one day one of us may be brought before the King for judgement as an ‘enemy combatant’ to answer to charges of sedition because of what we say or write on a blog. The result may not be pretty.

  2. markross Post author

    Thanks for the comment Tom! Well said! I agree with you 150%! Yes, the media, sadly, has become a mouth-piece for BIG GOVERNMENT in both parties.  And, to hell with that lawyer and his remarks: If one reads enough of our Founders’ own words, in regards to the original intent of our Constitution, it is not hard to understand their intentions, when creating the LIMITED, and DEFINED, powers, that were granted to our Federal Government.

  3. Jackie Durkee

    Well we shouldn’t be surprised, which I’m sure you’re not. The federal government is getting more and more out of control with every passing day, week, month, and year. I believe the answer will come when us American citizens, who defend the Constitution in the way it was interpreted at the time it was written, can figure out a way to get the right kind of people in Washington, which means getting around the Republican and Democrat leadership. We need to somehow learn to “infiltrate” the same as the Progressives have. 

  4. markross Post author

    Thanks for the comment Jackie!

    I agree with everything you said; but, it’s sad to think that we have to use some infiltration method, to have the very Federal Government that we were Constitutionally promised by our Founders!

    Isn’t it crazy that we are governed by whatever powers one of these two (Republicans and Democrats) cartels think they can push on the country, and get people to vote for? And, all the while, The United States Constitution, and their Enumerated Powers, be dammed!


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