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How The Left Make Themselves The Enemy

Written by | April 7th, 2013

For the last 5 years, there seems to have been a torrent of never-ending attacks on rich people in this country. Rich people are being told, over and over, by The American Left that, they need to pay their (so-called) Fair Share. For those of us who truly believe in Individual Rights, and a person’s sovereign right to their own earnings and property, we don’t need to be told how disconcerting, and downright disgraceful this tone is – particularly in this country. But, beyond this never-ending rhetoric by the left, I have noticed a consistent theme in their words, throughout the last five years, and that is their mistrust of the Private Sector – which includes the free-market, private charity etc. But, who is the Private Sector? Put simply, the Private Sector is We, The People! Who on Earth does the left think they are criticizing when they attack the Private Sector? They are criticizing their neighbors, their employers, their co-workers, small business owners, and so on. On the flip side, they tend to believe that Government can solve all problems; and, even though most Americans know that Government can not solve most problems, and usually turns minor problems into major problems, this simple fact remains: Who is funding the Government? It is We, The People, in the Private Sector!

A lot of people believe that the left operates out of shear [economic] ignorance – and to some extent that may be true; but I have come to the conclusion that they are mostly driven by fear. Most Americans understand that, in a free-market economy, we are expected to compete fairly, to provide goods and services in exchange for our citizen’s hard-earned money; and, likewise, in the battlefield of ideas. But, rather then compete fairly, in the marketplace of goods, services, jobs, salaries, and ideas, the left in this country, instead, have resorted to Government FORCE, in the way of more laws, more regulations, and the push for higher and higher taxes on hard-working citizens, who, also, are trying to provide for their own families, and operate their businesses, in this difficult economy.

Are some on the left more reasonable then others? Of course. And, there are some to whom we can find common ground with, on a number of issues. But, for those who think it is OK to continue criticizing, regulating, and demanding higher taxes on, your fellow citizens – who run businesses; provide jobs; give of their own time and money to charity; and provide for the very Government programs that you hold dear, I’m sorry to say, but, you are “making yourselves” the enemy to your fellow citizens.

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