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One thought on “How Americans View Government, And Their Role In The Economy

  1. markross Post author

    I am both surprised and not surprised by the results…

    After several, disappointing, colossal breakdowns, and abuses, in the big business sector, I can see why many would turn to government, in hopes that they could step in and make things better; perhaps that is The Democrat in me.

    On the other hand, I realize that government, sadly, is just as bad.. they often take advantage of the people’s tax dollars, and they are not “inherently” businessman and women, they are usually lawyers. Also, the bureaucracy of politics often gets in the way of making good, sound business decisions. Therefore, I am for smaller government, less taxation and less government interference; perhaps this is The Republican in me.

    Perhaps, this is why I am an Independent, as I do not believe that either party has it right, and I see the good and bad in both parties. I think that Independents can also be politically confused at times, as we do not generally vote for a party, or a person, but rather for policies that make sense. It is often the political divisions, in party lines that keep the federal government from making good, common-sense decisions, and it is often (sadly) what parts The American people.

    Partisanship can be very ugly…if we could focus on policies, as opposed to parties, then we could likely find more common grounds. For years I had voted Democrat simply because it was tradition in my family. Then, upon closer examination of the party’s core philosophies, I saw a lot of virtue in The Republican party as well. Both parties tend to vote along party lines, on more divisive issues, however, the core, political philosophies are what I tend to look at, when voting. (e.g. economic views)

    So, going back to the world of business; unfortunately the corrupt people (e.g. Bernie Madoff) in the business world, and on Wall Street, have left the people wondering how they can trust this system of doing business again, and that is understandable. However, it often leaves me wondering if everyone stops, and thinks how these same businesses that we so often demonize, are also the ones that create jobs, and opportunities for The American citizens as well; not to mention, the enormous amount of tax revenues generated from these companies, and employees of theses companies. So, there is certainly a real reciprocal effect going on, in a free market society.

    Thinking back, I recall Bill Clinton, as a Democrat, realizing the virtues and necessity of (capitalism) business in America doing well; I think he realized, it not only helps America (ns) to succeed, but it would also allowed him (e.g. tax dollars) to get things done, as president. Common-sense tells me, that even at a reasonably low tax rate, if businesses are looked at favorably, reasonable and responsible laws are set into place, given the proper tools, perhaps some incentives, then the more a company “profits”, the more tax dollars the government will have to work with, and the more people employed. In a near perfect system, it seems that everyone would win in this scenario.

    While I noticed that Barack Obama was a very articulate person, it was ultimately his stance on business, and seeming disdain toward successful people in this country, that ultimately turned me away from him. All of his talk of higher taxation on “some”, but not others, was a bit frightening, and too much for me.

    Barack Obama himself, is a prime example of what people with very little money and lots of ambition can achieve in this country. Therefore, I never quite understood his “seemingly” negative attitude toward those of us that are willing to close the doors, shut off the world for periods of time, and work very long, unpaid hours, in an attempt to make better lives for ourselves, and perhaps others, down the road.

    So, in light of his views, I can say that I was “personally” discouraged to some degree; I do not see the purpose of trying harder, if the government is ultimately going to keep taxing my money incessantly; especially when they (from my point of view) were not living up to their fiduciary responsibility to us. Also, I feel as though we need to have more say as to how our tax dollars are used, especially if we need to pay more. Perhaps some sort of ala carte system would work.

    The picture gets bigger still..Just because one is a small business owner, and grossing just over 250,000 a year, there is also “many” expenses for a small business owner; at the end of the day, they may not even net 50,000 a year. While the whole time, small business owners are creating the jobs for people who prefer a steady pay check, steady hours, life style…plus health care etc. for them, and their families.

    I was not really trying to get into a specific politician, in this discussion, however, while I was typing, I began to juxtapose Bill Clinton and Barack Obama; although they were both Democrats, Bill Clinton (in my opinion) was much more moderate,”perhaps” even closer to Republican principals, on “economic” matters. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the country did fairly well during The Clinton years. Another known fact is that Bill Clinton worked closely with Newt Gingrich (Republican-House Speaker) during the late nineties, to balance the budget, and ultimately create a projected surplus, for this country. In my point of view, that is a pragmatic leader; one that not only listens to the other side, but adopts ideas that make sense, from the other side. This also goes back to “my point of view”, on politics…

    So often, people tend to just look at their party, when in fact, we need to dig deeper and look at the policies. If I vote Democrat, then I generally look for moderate Democrats; if I vote Republican, then I generally vote for moderate Republicans. Again, this is likely another reason why I am registered as an Independent. As more people continue to become disillusioned by both party’s ideologies, perhaps, one day, we will get that third party (or no parties) that so many long for, and start focusing on common-sense “policies” again.



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