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Hillary As Secretary Of The State?

Written by | November 16th, 2008
Well, the buzz is that Hillary Clinton is going to be chosen by Obama as The Secretary of State. I think that if she is chosen, and excepts, that would be a good, safe choice for Obama; also I would respect him for reaching out to her. However, from her point of view, I can see the advantages and disadvantages of taking the position.
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7 thoughts on “Hillary As Secretary Of The State?

  1. LdyBelle

    I think it would be an excellent choice! We know she wants to lead this country however, that cannot happen for at least another 8 years … Unless God forbid something truly awful would occur during Obama's administration… Being SoS may be her best option in her political future… It is a high level of office already held by some awesome women! Madeline Albright, Condi Rice… I think it would be awesome for Hiliary to make her mark!

  2. markross Post author


    I think that it would be a great choice for Obama, and for us; however, for Hillary, it is a choice that I would consider very carefully.

    She is destined to become one of the most powerful Senators, in The Senate; in which case, she can still be her own person and not work directly for the president.

    Also, if Obama's presidency is not successful, she can run and potentially be our next president in 2012.

    If Secretary of State was in fact, truly offered to her, it says a lot about the incoming president; then on the flip side of that, Obama may be better off having Hillary as his direct employee, for 4-8 years, as opposed to having her as a tough legislature, in The Senate.

    Hell, if she is Secretary of State, then Obama can have her in remote parts of the world, most of the time. Not such a bad "political" move, on his part : )


  3. LdyBelle

    Well, I can't see how she could run in 2012? The DNC would never allow it.. The incumbant hardly ever runs challenged in a relection.. Unless of course she was to switch parties, which I could never see Hiliary doing – LOL!!

    True, she could become a powerful leader in the Senate, but again, being that she is from the same party, I don't see her challenging Obama as much.. I think it would be more beneficial for her to become SoS than stay in the Senate.. Obviously, it is up to her and what she wants for her political future… I have a feeling she'll go for it ;)

  4. markross Post author

    Yes, you raise a good point; I think that the exception will be “if” Obama is not successful, over the next 4 years.

    I happen to like The Clintons; I voted for Bill twice and may have voted for Hillary, had she won the nomination. However, The Clintons are “shrewd”…

    I do see Hillary as a challenge to Obama, for a few reasons; I would go as far as saying that Obama would be making a good choice (with Hillary) for the country, and for political favor, however, I can see a multitude of problems that come with that decision, for Obama.

    Now that Hillary has leaked it, Obama is sort of in a strangle hold to select her, isn’t he? :)


  5. LdyBelle

    Ahhh… Only if Hiliary won the nomination.. Only if .. and what a whirlwind topic that may have been! lol

    Well, he may be in a pickle now that the word is.. What is that saying? Keep your friends close but your enemies closer???? ;)

  6. markross Post author

    You nailed it!

    I have heard Obama speak admirably about Abraham Lincoln, on more then one occasion; if you read about Lincoln, he did precisely that; he filled his cabinet (I believe) with adversaries : )

    Yes, keep your enemies to where you can see them : )

    Have you considered how Joe Biden would feel, if Hillary is selected? Isn’t Joe B. the foreign policy expert?

    I’m surprised he hasn’t appointed himself SoS :)
    Hmm, I wonder if using SoS in a good acronym for us to use, in this case? LOL



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