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Hillary Excepts The Secretary Of State Position?

Written by | November 21st, 2008
It is being reported (3pm) that Hillary Clinton has excepted the Secretary of State position.
Incidentally, that puts her fourth, in line, to be president.
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4 thoughts on “Hillary Excepts The Secretary Of State Position?

  1. markross Post author

    Yes, I am glad that she took it because I think that she will be good for the job. However, I am still wondering why, politically, Obama offered it to her, and why she took it.

    I still can not see her taking marching orders from Obama; in fact, past evidence of this is Colin Powell leaving the position, after one term.

    Perhaps, she is on as a freelancer? :)


  2. LdyBelle

    I believe Colin left because of the autrocity that was going on… He ended up discovering the lies and couldn't stand behind it.. Which garnered a tremendous amount of respect from me…

    As for Hiliary, it was a smart move on Obama's part.. I don't see them as enemies but rather strong advasaries… I just think it makes the DNC a much more stronger party with unification ~ Very different than how the year started, that's for certain…

  3. markross Post author

    Without seeing the facts, I am not so sure that there were absolute lies, however, there was certainly some false, perhaps even twisted, intelligence, in regards to Iraq and WMD's. Iraq certainly did possess them at some point, or we were simply lied to for years, not sure.

    Powell bought into it, then sold The UN, and the world on the fact that Iraq had WMDs; to that extent, I do believe that he was very embarrassed and perhaps he felt set up.

    Also, he banged heads, frequently, with Rumsfeld; that is one guy that I personally did not like, or trust.

    I also respect Powell for cutting his losses and getting the hell out of there. If Powell has some absolute evidence that we were lied to, and mislead into that war, then he should perhaps come out with it. Until then, it is pure speculation.

    OK, back to Hillary…

    I do also believe that it was a smart move for Obama, and perhaps a bit naive, as well. After seeing a lot of his appointments, I do feel as though he has relinquished a lot of his power, already. He has basically brought back The Clinton Administration.

    I like Hillary for that position, however, I will say it again, Hillary is "not" going to take marching orders from Obama. I think that he just gave The White House back to The Clintons, and I am sure that was all part of the deal. I for one am "some what" glad to see them back.

    He has made some good, fairly centralist, appointments; I am happy, and relieved for that, as well.

    I'm sure, by choosing Hillary, he definitely upset a lot of the people out on the far, left wing, fringes, because Hillary will be tough on terrorism and there will not be any "abrupt" withdrawals.

    LdyBelle, it seems like a lot of people are not talking about, even forgetting about national security; there are a lot of people, in this world that still truly want to cripple and hurt us. Our current president gets "very little" credit, for our safety, but perhaps another 9-11 will wake us all up again.

    As far as party unification; perhaps I am a bit skeptical with politics, and politicians, however, I will believe that, when I see it : ) We actually need both parties to unify, in D.C., but I will not be holding my breathe on that one either.

    So, Kudos to Obama, for picking Hillary.



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