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Having Surrendered To Militarism As An Economic Device

Posted by | May 12th, 2012

“Embarked, as we seem to be, upon a career of militarism, we shall, like every other country, have to find the means when the war [World War 2] ends of obtaining the consent of the people to the burdens that go along with the blessings it confers upon its favored groups and regions. Powerful resistance to it will always be active, and the effective means of combating this resistance will have to be found. Inevitably, having surrendered to militarism as an economic device, we will do what other countries have done: we will keep alive the fears of our people of the aggressive ambitions of other countries and we will ourselves embark upon imperialistic enterprises of our own. ”  

“Imperialism, too, has come to describe a kind of internationalism, so that one who opposes it is scornfully called an isolationist. Imperialism is an institution under which one nation asserts the right to seize the land or at least to control the government or resources of another people.”

John T. Flynn (As We Go Marching)

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2 thoughts on “Having Surrendered To Militarism As An Economic Device

  1. Diana Hartman

    I do not happen to agree with John Flynn’s commentary at all.  First, post-WWII, the USSR had spies in our country and obtained secrets to the atom bomb.  Second, we knew full well that the USSR had it’s eye on Europe, the Middle East and Far East.  Even General Patton said we should annihilate the USSR, while the U.S. was mobilized for war.  He was fired for that comment, which sadly, turned out to be correct.  The USSR embarked on a policy of overwhelming third world countries and those governments that were unstable.  They reached as far as Cuba, which was in our backyard.  Millions were slaughtered – millions under communist regimes.  One need look no further than Ho Chi Min.  Funny how the USSR’s imperialism is rarely discussed by scholars.  Whatever the U.S. has done, it pales in comparison to the USSR.  The Russians were a threat and continue to be one.  Who do you think Vladymir Putin is?  Think he’s a nice guy who is willing to help the world.  No, he is a socialist and seems to think he has the right to foist Russia’s opinion of our presidential candidates on the world.  Anyway, the USSR left a broad swath of murder, poverty, and unstable governments in it’s wake.  They are such upstanding folks!

    Imperialism – interesting notion.  There are only two times in American history where we have invaded a country, taken over the government, people and resources.  First the Philippines, and second, Iraq.  Iraq was a complete blunder.  However, one really needs to look at who is at the helm of all of this and it’s the neoconservatives, which switch allegiances faster than a woman changes clothes – meaning – they swing both Dem and Repub.  Who are these people anyway?  Initially, they were a group of Trotskyists who thought socialism was a good thing.  However, when they experienced complete disillusion after WWII, they had to modify their thinking about Marxism.  Thus, they determined that America’s objective should be promoting democracy around the world.  Nixon was the first president to pick up on this theme.  If only we build corporations abroad, show people the blessings of liberty, increase their wealth, they would pull from the Soviet Union.  It’s not so much that America is imperalistic, it’s that they turned to global markets, in the name of democracy.  Noble enough, but the outcome wasn’t so great.  After all, there are cultural differences, which ultimately led to conflicts.  Not so savvy!  But, please, don’t kid yourself.  There are several countries which I perceive as threats to the U.S.: China, Russia, and N. Korea.  In addition, we are dealing with Islamic extremists who consider us the infidel and are now positioning themselves in Central America and Mexico, aligning themselves with drug cartels.  We live in dangerous times and America must be militarily prepared to defend itself.

    As I stated previously, I am not for these numerous skirmishes all over the world, nor am I for our military being strung out on too long of a front.  All of this cost money.  Nor should we engage in wars to protect multinational corporations.  The government didn’t assist Ross Perot when they were given the boot from Iran and we shouldn’t do it now.  If a corporation elects to set up shop in shark infested waters, they must accept responsibility for that decision.  However, what I do support is a strong military to deal with the up and coming superpowers of the world.  China is already taking over our economy and before you know it, they will own us.  Isn’t that the same thing, Mark?     

  2. markross Post author

    Thank you for the comment Diana!

    I agree with much of what you said; particularly about the neo-cons. But, to a large extent, you are mixing apples with oranges. The above post is talking about how our Government has abused their powers, in regards to our military, when trying to use it as some misguided, economic tool – as opposed to what the true, constitutional purpose of our military is for: which is to provide for our common “defence.”

    The above post is, by no means, anti-military; it is anti-abuse-of-power, by our Government, as a means to create some economic illusion.

    Also, keep in mind that, our Government allied with Stalin and his communist Government. God only knows what our Government supplied their Government with. It is said that, “the enemy of our enemy is our friend.” Fewer things could be so misguided! As we have learned, over and over: The enemy of our enemy may very well still be our enemy!

    And, how about foreign aid, to foreign countries, by our Government? Should we believe that our Government just gives away OUR MONEY without any strings attached? That is precisely how our Government attempts to “control foreign Governments.”

    To truly understand the above post, I believe, is to think along the lines of nation-building, foreign aid, non-declared, and non-explicitly-defensive wars etc.

    And, sadly, while thousands of brave men went off to Europe to fight Communism and Fascism, our Government was busy instituting those very economic systems, here at home!

    Please see:
    Where these elements are found there is Fascism


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