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Have Political Parties Been Misleading Us?

Written by | May 12th, 2010

Over the last year or so, many registered Republicans have wondered how The Republican Party has ended up with so many so-called  (Republicans in name only) RINOs. While there are different theories, and while this is certainly not a new phenomenon, as evidenced by Thomas Jefferson’s own words, I have maintained a theory that the root of the problem is because of political parties:

For several years, many, if not most people have gone to the polls, and naively pulled levers, simply because they saw an R posted next to a candidate’s name; assuming, because there was an R, they would get a Conservative Republican; obviously, that has not always been the case, and is part and partial to the problems we are having today. In my opinion, The R and The D, has given people, in the past, a false (false-positive) sense that they will get what they voted for, and has allowed people to be laxed on doing the necessary research of the “individual” candidates, over the years.

Conversely, suppose all candidates were Independents: the voters then would have no choice but to thoroughly review the candidate’s record before voting for them, if the voter is truly concerned with knowing the candidate they are voting for. Also, if there were “individual” candidates in Congress that we were not happy with, it would certainly be easier to purge out individuals from Congress, then it is to purge an entire party. And with one Independent body, in Congress, the people would have a much better chance of Congress following The Enumerated Powers, in The Constitution, as enumerated by our founders. We’d also remove that extra level of party allegiance that often causes people in Congress to vote one way or the other, regardless of their conscience, or what their constituents demand. The people of The United States would be more likely to be united as well, with one political body, then with separate, and competing factions in our government.

After so many years of having political parties, I can understand why most people feel comfortable with their respective parties; which is why these thoughts will not likely become a reality… unless of course, a great majority of the nation insisted on it. Unfortunately, many people, and by virtue of human-nature, are often more concerned with a specific worldview being advanced, then they are with national unity; or with having one government, obeying one Constitution, according to the vision of our founding fathers.

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2 thoughts on “Have Political Parties Been Misleading Us?

  1. Jackie Durkee

    Many conservative Americans fall into one of three camps:

    1) I don't care about politics and want nothing to do with politics; no I'm not going to take the time to review the candidates, so they go in a pull a party lever;

    2) I'm just too lazy to do the work. I'd rather watch American Idol; and

    3) I care about my country and the direction it is heading. I will get involved in the process.

    Now since Obama has gotten into office, many more Americans have woken up and are in the 3rd category, but I'm surrounded by a majority of family members and business associates who don't care.

    Real Republicans have made the same mistake the old Democrats made. We have all let the Progressives move in and take over our party. I believe they have infiltrated the Democrat Party to the point of no return. However, if us Republicans (and those who used to be Republicans) step up and vote all the Progressive Republicans out, then we still have a chance.

    I would love to see our country with no political parties, just citizens going to Washington to really represent the people and follow the Constitution. I believe if we work at squashing the Progressives and minimizing their influence on politics and society, then we could make headway in that direction. 

    First and foremost, it needs to start in our schools. We need to figure out a way to bring up a new crop of Constitutional Conservative teachers in both our public grade schools and in our Universities. The Progressives have embedded themselves so deeply in those sectors, that we are assured of becoming a total socialist society.

  2. Anonymous

    I would like to see a “partyless” system, however, factions will still exist. We will never again be able to sit back and let the political process move on without us. It is likely, that no matter how hard we work, we may not see the real America restored in our lifetime, but with vigilance we may re-educate and recapture at least some of our children so the fight can go on.


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